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Though we have some nonsense posts once in a while, we generally discourage them. You will find Green Chip discussions to usually be more knowledgeable than our free page postings. To truly allow a "warm welcome" as the original poster sarcastically (we will take it as friendly sarcasm) wrote, we would like to offer a comped 90-day Green Chip membership to readers, which can be obtained through this link:


There is no cost or obligation whatsoever. This offer is for anyone who has not previously had a comped Green Chip membership, and is not presently a member. Please type BJInfo in the Comments box.

Al Rogers
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In case anyone may have missed it inside another thread, I copied Al's nice offer to its own thread here.

Thanks Al.


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Freightman said:
Green Chip membership more than pays for itself
Yes it does. Especially if you network with a few players and share information. Information doesn't have to be about particular game conditions either. :cool: I particularly like the idea of sharing casino personel information and/or pictures. Hell, they have done so for years with Griffin and now OSN. Turnabout only seems fair. :)

Lonesome Gambler

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To be perfectly honest, I think the majority of the value to be made from GC is from perusing the archives using the search feature. Posts go back over a decade, and many prolific players have contributed at one time or another, often with valuable or at least historical interesting content (that may be helpful to observant and clever players).

To be clear, I intend no offense to Al, just as I mean no offense to Ken when I say that the major utility of this site is the same. Many of what I would consider to be the most valuable posts on this forum date back several years and will require the search function and some rudimentary Internet Detective skills to locate.

That said, I check both sites with regularity and have no plans on discontinuing my GC membership, despite the fact that I'm not very active on that forum. I also suspect that many members make their membership fees many times over not in valuable information posted directly on the forum but rather in the form of EV gained by networking and sharing information privately with other players on the site.
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