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  1. Knox

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    Roger this as a good tip. I don't like the negative numbers either. I prefer the positive numbers intuitively to have a better feel for the true count.

    I've been out of the circuit for a while after some large swings with KO, a system I had down cold. I appreciate the work on this and I'll now be heading to the hotel room to practice the tags. Should be simple since I have not played for a while. After that it's off too sunny Las Vegas! Will report back.
  2. Swindler

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    UBZ II OS XLS Reference Chart

    I have attempted to take Boneuphtoner's UBZ II OS indices and overlay them on a composite basic strategy chart for easy reference.

    I have tried to visually call out changes to basic strategy (as well as DAS changes) and note specifically what those changes are, and at what IRC they occur, via "comments" within the individual cells.

    Now being a relative newbie, I've interpreted the indices at times using "Swindler's logic" - (which isn't always infallible but none the less...)

    Any Corrections - (especially around the Hard 12s and 13s) is appreciated.

    Thanks! :joker:

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  3. boneuphtoner

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  4. nicetrades200303

    nicetrades200303 Well-Known Member

    Swindler, you have A as +1 in your spreadsheet. Just so you know it's -1.
  5. Swindler

    Swindler Member

    Thanks Folks!

    I'd correct the error but I think editing is turned off - don't think its worth uploading a new xls - now that it been called out -

  6. steamboat1983

    steamboat1983 Member

    I use Hi-Lo, but after reading some on this thread, would like to give this version of UBZ2 a shot. Here's my question. My local center is an 8 deck game. Should I use the same betting ramp as a 6 deck (key count -6, pivot 0, advantage +6, rogue +8, starting point -24)???
  7. arrando

    arrando Well-Known Member

    You mean you use ko? And what's a rogue point?
  8. steamboat1983

    steamboat1983 Member

    No. I'd like to see how an unbalanced count goes. I've been using Hi-Lo so far, but would like to move to a level two. With the count not using a true count conversion, I feel the transition may be a little easier.

    The Rogue count I saw on the first post of the thread.

    I was just wondering if the 6 deck and 8 deck starting, pivot, etc points would be the same, or if they'd be a little different? My local center (5 minutes from where I live) is an 8 deck game.
  9. steamboat1983

    steamboat1983 Member

    Or would using a balanced level two like Revere Point Count be better for me?
  10. nicetrades200303

    nicetrades200303 Well-Known Member

    arrando, steamboat1983 uses hi-low and now wants to switch to ubz2.

    steamboat1983, ubz2 is a very good system. Just keep drilling on the level 2 tags and you will get good at it.

    Regarding your question about 8 deck bet ramp, hopefully Mimosine, nightspirit, or boneuphtoner or anyone who has the answer can help you out.
  11. zengrifter

    zengrifter Banned

    He can use the same ramp provided that the IRC is adjusted accordingly.
    See this R7/KISS doscussion for similar confirmation -
  12. steamboat1983

    steamboat1983 Member

    I actually finally got a blackjack book (Blackbelt In Blackjack). The Red 7 count is starting to sway me. I'll probably get some practice in a few systems before I decide totally what I want. Leaning though towards staying with hi-lo, or switching to Red 7
  13. zengrifter

    zengrifter Banned

    Red7 is better.

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