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swog said:
Hollywood Dave Stann will be hosting the Rounders Radio show from 5:00 - 7:00pm Pacific time tonight. Special guest will be the host of the annual Blackjack Ball, Max Rubin. Mr. Rubin should be on at approximately 5:15pm. Tune in for some insight on the festivities of the Blackjack Ball at
This site has it's own Black Jack Ball and it is called the "BJ Bash". The first annual "BJ Bash' was attended by a group of laid back, HIGHLY skilled AP's, friendly, unassuming and totally lacking in one-upsmanship or PriMadonnas.:)

The "BJ Bash" was also located at a casino where there was not just "stylin and profilin", but an actual chance to partake in what we love most, playing real fine BJ games....and learning from one another. What a time we had. :grin: :band: :toast:



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listening to the program...

I had to laugh, HD asked Rubin if he could have a spot in the BJ hall of fame. he said he would have to be in the trenches another 15 years, make millions of dollars, or contribute something to the game, but he didnt see that happening. :laugh:
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creeping panther said:
The "BJ Bash" was also located at a casino where there was not just "stylin and profilin",

Hahaha... love it. Stylin and Profilin... very "I'm from the OC fool!" and equally unprofitable. :cool2:


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I assume the show will be archived after a few days delay at for those who missed it. I was traveling home during the broadcast. The Ball was a fun time. Congrats to Richard Munchkin for being the latest inductee into the Blackjack Hall of Fame.

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He's done some great interviews. Most of the folks he's interviewed would have a hall of fame vote I think. Still Im not aware of his larger contributions to the game.


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Unless i've missed something - and it's possible that i have given that i've never heard of the guy - this guy doesn't seem to have anything to do with BJ? All the others seem to at least have had some substantial involvement in the game of BJ at some point in their career.


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It's probably a good thing that you haven't heard much from this character on the BJ front. I'm sure there are people here that know a lot more about his past activities than others, and although it seems that he's primarily a horse bettor these days, there are plenty of references to him online as a high stakes card counter. Who knows what else he was/is up to that warrants a BJHoF entry? Furthermore, who knows if we've all heard of him and he simply goes by a different name? Just speculation of course, I'd be very interested to learn more.
Zeljko Ranogajec being added, when there are many real BJ contributors deserving, just further invalidates the BJHOF premise. This was just some inside press from Rubin for reasons that will not be publicized. (Like for instance, Ranogajec made a hefty investment in Barona?)

I call bullsh*t. he belongs in the Racehorse Punters Hall of Fame. zg

More on Ranogajec >>
To get the real insight into Zeljko you have to research an American, Bill Benter, and the late Alan Woods. They discovered the river of gold that flowed from the Hong Kong tote, but also maintained a code of silence. Like Zeljko, Benter and Woods were card counters and warned out of casinos, high-rollers who had the audacity to win too often. Wood, aged 62, died last year and estimated his wealth at $670 million accumulated from a standing start at a blackjack table. Insiders reckon it was more in the vicinity of $1 billion.

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