Bodog blackjack cheating?

Discussion in 'Blackjack - Online Casinos' started by garygo, Oct 16, 2009.

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    I found this at PokerScout under Bodog reviews and thought it would be of interest here:

    "A friend of mine used to work at Bodog offices in Vancouver. my friend told me they were drinking with some executives a few years back and they were laughing over an inside joke saying that anytime the company needed a bit more cash flow they would tweak the casino metrics to have a higher win ratio for Bodog. He said they can do this because they have their own proprietary software that was purchased fromn RTG. the casinos that are licensed from software providers who are third party can't adjust the metrics as they have no control over the operations. now that Bodog is dropped down so far in market share they might be rigging the casino to keep the doors open."
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    Bodog no longer exists as a online casino operator. They just sell their brand name.
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    Hmm interesting point. Yes these corporate exec types are driven to meet their quarterly numbers (there's probably thousands of $ worth of bonuses on the line and their jobs), would not be shocked if they rigged things so they meet it. Usually its accounting shenanigans for most companies, but for a online gaming...

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