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Discussion in 'Outside of USA' started by li_ka_shing168, Dec 6, 2009.

  1. li_ka_shing168

    li_ka_shing168 Active Member

    Hi everyone, I am on a trip to HK now and will be going to Macau very soon. Macau uses CSM but some of them uses discard trays and wait until the tray of one deck high fills up before putting them back to the csm. I am planning to CC even tho the PEN is bad. I read on wizard of odds the HA can be as low as .10. If i use High low, does it mean i am playing an advantageous game at 1/2 TC or is there other mathematic calculation behind this. And if I use the original zen, do I have the advantage at TC 1. I want to use some huge spread , does someone encountered heat before. Thanks in advance for your replies. By the way I would like to travel in korea, I found info on Seoul casino but none on cheju island, would like to have more info on cheju and which of these 2 places has the most profitable game.
  2. ycming

    ycming Well-Known Member

    that is a very valid point! Seeing the HE is so low in macau (say 0.10 as you stated), meaning that at a TC of +1 with hi lo, we will have approx advantage of 0.4 and TC +2 we would have approx 0.9.

    May be find out the rules of the game and run some sims on CV data with different bet spread and see the result? Or pm could the sim for you, as i want to find out also!

  3. li_ka_shing168

    li_ka_shing168 Active Member

    I dont have cv data or any other simulation software.
    Is there someone that can help us out
  4. jjmack85

    jjmack85 New Member

    If you tell me the rules and how many decks macau plays I CAN sim it for you on CVdata.

  5. MacauData

    MacauData New Member

    Unfortunately it's a wrong timing to come playing the 16% (1/6 Decks) penetration game. The casino just cancelled their discard practice last week and put back cards to the CSM every round.

    Since it's a CSM game, their HE is pretty low compared to other places.

  6. li_ka_shing168

    li_ka_shing168 Active Member

    Which casino changed their rules, i heard there where several casino that used the discard tray??
  7. li_ka_shing168

    li_ka_shing168 Active Member

    S**T, I just came back from macau today, visiting the island with my familly. Went to the city of dream, wynns and venetian. They definately changed their discard tray rule and put back the cards after every round. Didn't have time to check if MGM Grand use the discard tray. Can someone please update MGM Grand
  8. schetam

    schetam New Member

    MGM puts cards back to CSM every round
  9. MacauData

    MacauData New Member

    The do have shoe game in one of the VIP room (min HK$1K), beware of the heat though!

  10. li_ka_shing168

    li_ka_shing168 Active Member

    I see, thanks so much for the update, wow 1k min, if this is a 6 decks shoe game. I need to use a 1- 16 spread to beat the game meaning a max bet of 16000 hk wow. If any new changes on the rules or anything. please update or pm if posssible. ill be in HK til FEB will have plenty of time for playing bj. thanks again
  11. steven5210

    steven5210 Member

    Wow.. I am heading over there myself with my family for a little bit. I didn't think the CSMs were that prevalent over there. I was planning on trying some of the casinos there too..
  12. MacauData

    MacauData New Member

    Check out to have a brief view of Macau condition there. Indeed, the CSM completely dominate the casinos there. It's a different ball game for this part of Asia.

  13. li_ka_shing168

    li_ka_shing168 Active Member

    A new casino just opened days ago, i heard is is right next to the ferry terminal and they r giving 100$ hk coupon for the opening, i wonder what is the condition there.
  14. StudiodeKadent

    StudiodeKadent Well-Known Member

    Wynn have stopped using the discard tray?

    That's extremely bad news. I mean, 16.6% pen is simply too unreliable to card count against, so I don't see how there can be any substantial game protection benefits derived from doing this. Possibly its to speed up the game?

    Regardless, the slight increase in variance made their game more fun.

    I'd still play it. The house edge is 0.08% if they put the cards back into the machine each round. But I won't hide my disappointment.
  15. chessplayer

    chessplayer Well-Known Member

    I wonder if any1 knows whether any Macau casino offer the Over unvder 13 bet
  16. MacauData

    MacauData New Member

    Do you think O/U 13 by CSM is still profitable? If so, one casino have it few months ago but no one ever check though.


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