Card Counting?

I'm reading Kevin Blackwood's "Play Blackjack like the Pros." In the book, he talks about how playing at online casinos, aside from the possibilities of bonuses, is a losing game. I read the same thing on this site. I don't completely understand why this is true... I don't have much experience playing online, but why is card-counting rendered useless? I know that Sands of the Carribbean offers a single deck game; wouldn't an accurate use of card-counting tip the scales in favor of the player and not the casino? Thanks in advance.


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Over 95% of online casinos shuffle their deck after every hand so you can't count cards. The few casinos that don't shuffle after every hand offer horrible penetration. For example one online casino I've heard of has an 8deck BJ game and it shuffles after 2decks have been played. Ideally you want over 70-75% penetration (minimum) on a shoe game, so 25% penetration is not really ideal.


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About the only value you can derive from "counting" at online casinos would be basic strategy deviations based on composition within a single hand on the single deck games; and that isn't really "counting" as much as it is basic strategy.