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Discussion in 'Southern USA' started by Finrod, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. Finrod

    Finrod Active Member

    From what I can tell here, opportunities in Florida are limited. However, I plan to be in Naples next month and will have some free time and would love to spend it playing BJ. Any comments about XXSeminole Casino ImmokaleeXX or other opportunities within a reasonable taxi drive?
  2. FLASH1296

    FLASH1296 Well-Known Member

    " ... within a reasonable taxi drive?"

    The Seminole Immokalee Casino is far from civilization, I assure you; (literally)
    in the middle of the swamp, miles east of the Corkscrew Nature Conservancy.
  3. Diver

    Diver Well-Known Member

    While it's generally true that the town of Immokalee is a rough place, the casino isn't in the middle of a swamp; it's (literally) on the edge of town and just off the freeway. Corkscrew is worth a stroll for anyone interested in actually being in a swamp while staying high and dry.
  4. HockeXpert

    HockeXpert Well-Known Member

    If by freeway you mean a little two lane country road that they don't charge to drive on, you are correct. The nearest highway (with more than one lane in each direction) is about 20 miles away from Immokalee. Flash is right, Immokalee is in the middle of a swamp.

    To the OP, to get to Immokalee from anywhere, you need to rent a car unless you can find a casino shuttle. You may want to research the Big M boat in nearby Fort Myers and see if that meets your needs.
  5. Finrod

    Finrod Active Member

    Big M?

    Thanks for the info so far. It is true I am completely unfamiliar with the area. I found a little bit about the Bog M boat previously. Didn't sound too promising. Anyone have the scoop?
  6. Diver

    Diver Well-Known Member

    I must be remembering incorrectly because I thought Hwy 29 was a divided highway before it enters Immokalee. Perhaps it's all a matter of perspective, but I think saying that casino is in the middle of a swamp is like saying the Mirage is in the middle of the desert.
  7. paddywhack

    paddywhack Well-Known Member

    Nah, Hwy 29 is divided within Immokalee but 2 lane otherwise. It might not be exactly in a swamp but close enough. Not much else around for 30 miles or so until you hit Ft. Myers unless you count the metropolis of Lehigh Acres :laugh::laugh:
  8. FLASH1296

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  9. SWFL Blackjack

    SWFL Blackjack Well-Known Member

    Yes, there are pretty much only 3 ways to Seminole Casino Immokalee; State Road 82 from Fort Myers, Immokalee Road from Naples, or State Road 29 from Alligator Alley (I-75).

    Immokakee does border the Everglades, so it is more on the edge of a swamp, rather than in the middle of one.

    As for games in the Naples area, your two main choices are Immokalee or the Big M in Fort Myers. Since this is low season, the Big M is closed and will resume sailing Friday, September 16. If you are looking for High Limits, you can find playable $25, $50, and $100 mins at Immokalee. Good luck as their HL pit has 8 BJ tables and a floor person watching each one. Eyes will be on your bet sizes. Big M is a much better alternative if you are in the area after the 16th. PM me for more details.

    (Interesting side note: I did speak to a pit boss at Immokalee who did show me a diagram of what the Casino's new hotel will look like, so it looks like you'll not only be able to play in the middle of nowhere, you'll be able to stay in the middle of nowhere.)

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