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Discussion in 'Outside of USA' started by scuba, Jun 3, 2006.

  1. scuba

    scuba Member

    anyone using these forums from melbourne.. play at crown?
    we should get togther see what we can do at crown.. itd be good havin 4 or 5 players from the site at 1 table. could be profitable.. playing at 4 am i think the PB are al pretty tired.. let me know your thoughts
  2. zengrifter

    zengrifter Banned

    Thats the WORST WAY for 4-5 counters to spend their time. And YOU need to hunker down and really learn about this game before your posts and comments will be of value to anyone, other than comic value, aye mate? G'day! zg
  3. ScottH

    ScottH Well-Known Member

    There was a really good article about how to effectively use multiple counters and spotters in Blackjack Attack.

    Wouldn't it be better for each counter to hit a different casino?
  4. scuba

    scuba Member

    sorry ben mezric...i mean zen...sorry to inconvinience you.. oh wait.. australia?? this has no bearing on you period. funny that... obviously you are way more advanced than me.... and kudos to that but give us a break if i had of said "HEY Z GRIFF COME ON DOWN TO THE AUSSLAND AND YOU AND ME MAKE A TEAM WOOOOT... by all means lay your harsh criticism and shrug it off but i didnt...i didn't know this was blackjackinfo forums-PRO's ONLY . all i was suggesting was a group getting together experience something more like yous in vegas..yeah we'll spread ourselves over melbourne between the 1 casino there and hit them all hard.
  5. bitter_enigma

    bitter_enigma New Member

    Crown player

    I'm a Crown player. :)
  6. matteotm

    matteotm Well-Known Member

    any1 on this board regular star city?
  7. seand_

    seand_ New Member

    Being new to Blackjack, I keep reading everywhere that my first point of call should be to learn BS. I'm from Melb so I would most likely be playing at Crown Casino and was wondering if someone could help me out with getting the right BS table from

    It would be greatly appreciated if someone could outline the specific rules of blackjack at Crown.

  8. Serendib

    Serendib Member

    I just came back from Australia, and I visited Crown Casino. Their BJ rules are 8 decks, S17, Double 9, 10, 11 only, no surrender, penetration around 70-75%. Don't think its a good game.
  9. dacium

    dacium Well-Known Member

    hahaha thats like the best game we get in Australia. In QLD they are only 6 deck.
  10. ragroller

    ragroller New Member

    i thought crown bj tables user csm? apart in the mahogony room.
  11. jimmy

    jimmy New Member

    I live in Southbank, Melbourne and go to Crown very often. In the main gaming floor they have recently introduced Sports Blackjack which are $10-$200 8-deck shoe games, No Hole Card, H17, DAS, D9/10/11 and penetration ~75% with blackjack paying 6-to-5!!:flame:. Upstairs they still have the usual $10-$200 Crown Blackjack with all the same rules above except bj pays the normal 3-to-2.

    I have recently started using ReKO ( with moderate success (won $850 in 2 visits in roughly 10 shoes) at the tables upstairs. But from my own CVCX simulations the win rate will be about $15/hr in the long run given those Crown Blackjack rules. I have realised that the most important thing at the moment for me is the get enough bankroll and time to spend if I really want to make a decent earning from it.

    I know Crown's rules are very bad, but they are still beatable (according to CVCX simulation). You just need patience. And given it's just metres away from my house I think it's the only reasonable choice for me.:grin:

    They do use quite a few CSM machines but there are still shoe games available, I think the ratio of CSM to shoe games is roughly the same.
  12. FLASH1296

    FLASH1296 Well-Known Member

    Worst game rules imaginable.

    I simply do not believe that the game that you describe is beatable without a HUGE spread.

    What spread did you have the software use for the simulation?

    24-1 ?, 32-1 ?, 40-1 ?

  13. jimmy

    jimmy New Member

    it's a 20 to 1 spread as described on the reKO strategy website. I simply use $10-200 instead of $5-100. Oh and I actually used CVData not CVCX. I included all the ReKO index, running count parameters and the betting ramp in the simulation. It gave me a player advantage of roughly 0.3% over 400 million hands (if you play every hand) and an advantage of 0.5% if you only play when the running count is favourable. The hourly earning is about $8 and $15, respectively.
  14. jimmy

    jimmy New Member

    oops i just realised that the demo version of CVData does not produce correct results (which mine is). Can anyone kindly do a simul under those rules if they have a real copy? maybe I am just lucky after all...

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