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Drift on Inn

Discussion in 'Western USA' started by overtheedge, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. overtheedge

    overtheedge Member

    Does anyone have any details about this place? Sometimes I think of going over there when I drop by Club Hollywood, but it always seems to be closed. CBJN doesn't have any details on it either.
  2. WABJ11

    WABJ11 Well-Known Member

    I haven't been there in a while, but from what I have heard they have a standard 6 deck shoe game, no surrender.

    Be careful it isn't the safest, or classiest place to play blackjack that is certain.
  3. overtheedge

    overtheedge Member

    ah, so you're saying as long as I'm up on 167th and Aurora I should just stick to CH?
  4. WABJ11

    WABJ11 Well-Known Member

    No isn't Club Hollywood 8 deck, or did Nevada Gold change the rules?
  5. overtheedge

    overtheedge Member

    CH actually has the best 6D game in the area. Both LS & RSA. Usually you only get one or the other. And their Spanish game (to which I'm still memorizing basic strategy...) is only 5D if you know how to count Spanish.
  6. HsiaoDi

    HsiaoDi Well-Known Member

    Uno dos tres..... Can't resist....
  7. WABJ11

    WABJ11 Well-Known Member

    Apparently Drift On Inn was closed down. There were some internal problems with accounting and, apparently, they weren't doing well financially. You can read more details about the investigation on the Washington State Gambling Commissions website.

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