Elite ploppy basic strategy explained!!

Discussion in 'General' started by Ferretnparrot, Oct 19, 2011.

  1. Ferretnparrot

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  2. NAP

    NAP Well-Known Member

    I can't bring myself to finish watching that video. :cry:
  3. mikeyd

    mikeyd Active Member

    This finally explains the ploppy strategy. Haha.
  4. 21andcraps

    21andcraps New Member

    I'm a basic strategy player when I go to Vegas who loves reading all of the comments on this site.

    I had to register to share another one of this guy's videos (he has 26 of them).


    The best part, "....as a normal person would play. Not as I would play, but someone who most likely sits next to you at a casino and has no idea what they're doing."
  5. jaygruden

    jaygruden Well-Known Member

    Wow! People believe this crap?:confused:
  6. zengrifter

    zengrifter Banned

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  7. Johnny21

    Johnny21 Member

    That video made me cry :cry:
  8. HsiaoDi

    HsiaoDi Well-Known Member

    Got much more confused after I watched it... Maybe i'm just not getting it.... I should sign up for a private weekend I think...
  9. NAP

    NAP Well-Known Member

  10. BookerPA

    BookerPA Well-Known Member

    Now the circle is complete; I've seen everything. This person is obviously a patient at a private asylum; they have internet access and video equipment, and he gets to travel to Vegas. After watching a couple of these videos, I would have to assume that he is comped and they probably supply transportation. I know if I was involved in management at a casino, I would want to fill the place with mental paraplegics of this caliber.
  11. Tarzan

    Tarzan Banned


    I sat through the entire video on the first link shown. It was ridiculous. He shouldn't have to charge the players/class attendees at all. The casinos should foot the bill for him giving these classes because it will increase their income at the blackjack tables. It's amazing what people can dream up and then try to pass off to others... for a fee!

    I should charge people for a class in which I teach them nothing more than not to get sucked into taking these classes? Add this guy to the list of bogus "systems" that for a fee you can learn to be a worse player than you were before learning the system.
  12. Koz1984

    Koz1984 Well-Known Member


    Go to around 4:39. He stands 13 v 8, dealer shows a 6 under so he becomes all happy like he knew what he was doing. Draws a 3 (for 17), yet says he has 16, presumably thinking he would draw to bust out, yet pulls a 4 :laugh: I love this guy. Even when he's blatantly wrong, he attempts to cheat in order to make it looks like it works, then it backfires.
  13. joeblackjack

    joeblackjack Member

    http://youtu.be/dLfGVuy7Ehs?t=8m45s - "I'm loving that we're losing....I'm loving that we're losing!" A few seconds later at 9:15 in the same video, "Now, I have a 14, I'm gonna stay, especially against an 8....oh, I lose another hand. Isn't that amazing". This guy is comedy gold.

    Just remember that if the dealer shows an Ace and you have 16 or less, always take insurance, and then surrender if the dealer doesn't have blackjack. Oh, and never double 11 if the dealer has a 7 or higher showing. It is, of course, a 50/50 shot to double 11 against anything below 7, so that's a personal choice. The same holds true for hitting a 12 vs. 3-5.....it's 50/50, so it's all about how you feel at the time. Finally, remember that you must only split Aces against 4-6. Against any other cards, you're crazy to split them.

    It's truly painful to watch. I'm going to have trouble sleeping tonight after watching this, just knowing that this guy is out there.
  14. 21gunsalute

    21gunsalute Well-Known Member

    Did anyone read the comments below the video?

    "First couples of years I broke even, but received a lot of french benefits."

    Okay, that explains it! :laugh:
  15. BookerPA

    BookerPA Well-Known Member

    After watching a portion of a couple of these videos, I started stuttering and twitching again. I posted the following in the "comment" section.

    "I have viewed a portion of your videos and am at a loss for words. If this is your system, I will make the following offer. I will assume the house position with a bankroll of 50K. The rules of the game are 6Deck ( Zero penetration), DAS, 3:2 BJ, H17, Insurance. Additionally, I will pay for your transportation, room and board. If you are interested, please post a response. BookerPA"
  16. NAP

    NAP Well-Known Member

    You need to offer surrender as well.
  17. BookerPA

    BookerPA Well-Known Member

    Thanks NAP, I forgot about that key element of "the system". I was just overwhelmed by the simplicity and logic of the system. :laugh::laugh:
  18. southAP

    southAP Well-Known Member

    I feel like I lost $500 just for watching that video.
  19. Habanero21

    Habanero21 New Member

    I can't watch more than a minute or two of this at a time. What's truly amazing to me is that this guy doesn't even get rule #1 of a con, which is to stack (in this case, literally) the deck in your favor before you show off your "winning system." Instead, he leaves it to chance that he comes out ahead putting a finer point on what an ignorant ass he is.
  20. Habanero21

    Habanero21 New Member

    I wonder if he offers insurance and surrender on his seminar fees..........

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