Foxwoods reopening


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johndoe said:

Pretty unreal, but I can't blame them for trying. The table barriers are something else! The industry is going to completely go to shit. I feel for them.

(Room rates are just as high as they were pre-covid)
Good for them. At least they're doing everything in their power to maintain safety, unlike the greedy, brain-dead assholes and their patrons in Las Vegas.



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It's 4 players to a table at Foxwoods and they have the plexiglass partitions. The Fox Tower Casino is open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday but don't get too excited. The day they shut down every table there paid 6 to 5. I have no reason to think anything has changed. I couldn't get in there today to check.

beating vegas

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I used to make some good money at that casino.

I would always try to find the most unhappy dealer and then talk to them. Tell them how the casino should pay them more.

You tell them that they should be making more money.
Next thing you know your 1black chip with 5green on top becomes 2black chips and 4green on top.

It only happened on 1 trip. It was the greatest session I played.