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Here's some software I wrote for fun in my spare time. It took me about 4 months, off and on. I assure you it doesn't contain viruses, unless someone or something has already attached one. Please add it to the list.
Link to download: (Dead link:

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Found a Good One!!

(Dead link:

counts down and runs a stopwatch for 1 - 8 decks
variable speed 1-20 (20 = apx 13 sec/ deck @ single card) or manually deal at own pace
one or two cards at once
can turn on "sound distractions"
can choose from a number of balanced and unbalanced strategies
can tag your own strategy
can toggle on/off TC and RC displays

HAVE FUN :grin::cool:
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Modern Blackjack the Book

A great addition to the BJINFO Free Resources thread. zg

Modern Blackjack the Book

By Norm Wattenberger

Modern Blackjack is a free 540-page web-book covering Blackjack from the basic
rules to advanced topics like shuffle tracking, hole-card play, and team play.

click to open