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    The single most complete index of bonafide yet free BJ resources and tools that can be found online - counting courses, practice drills, simulation and risk management tools, and enough quality articles to fill 3 cutting edge books about card-counting and advantage play.

    Enjoy! zg

    ps - If anyone else has any links to add, I ask that the links NOT be to a commercial board site or system seller,



    Compiled By Zengrifter
    (revised 11/22/05)


    GameMaster's Free Counting Course


    Blackjack insight from Qfit
    Free book 'Modern Blackjack' from Qfit
    Counting F.A.Q.s
    Card Counting 101 by PB (Archive copy) Resources
    Blackjack Forum Library
    Gamemaster BJ Articles (Archive copy)
    Ruchman on BJ - much musings and history (Archive copy)
    Grinder's Wherehouse - BJ Articles (Archive copy)
    Clark Cante's 'BJ Therapy'
    H.Tamburin BJ Articles
    (Dead link:
    H.Tamburin Q&A Archive
    Blackjack Insider Newsletter #s 1-39
    (Dead link:
    Blackjack Insider Newsletter #s 14 - present
    Blackjack Insider Archive Search
    Ken Smith's BJ Info Newsletter
    Gambling Book Reviews by Nick Christiansen
    Advanced Discussions and Articles (Archive copy) (Archive copy)
    Google search -Shuffle Tracking Discussions
    Blackjack Training Videos


    The Blackjack Zone by Eliot Jacobson (The Mayor) - Free PDF Download


    The Barfarkel Interview
    Audio Vegas Gambling Interviews
    Eliot Jacobson on Vegas Talk Radio
    (Dead link:
    (Dead link:


    Ken Smith's Tourney Primer
    BJ Tourney Event Listings


    BS Quiz (Archive copy)
    Good BS Drill (fast)
    (Dead link:
    Count Drills for Pit Bosses (Archive copy)
    Count Tutor
    Rob Tougher's Basic Strategy Drill
    (Dead link:
    Hit /Stand Basic Strategy Drill
    JAVA Flashcards for BS and Index Practic (Archive copy)
    Remaining #Decks Estimation Drill
    (Dead link:
    Strategy Trainer


    BlackJack Card Counting En Espanol



    E. Jacobs' Count & Shuffle Simulators
    (Dead link:
    (Dead link:
    Rules - Effects on BS (Archive copy)
    BR Calculator (from RoR) (Archive copy)
    Basic Strategy Generator (Archive copy)
    Various BJ online calculators from Norm Wattenberg
    (Dead link:
    (Dead link:
    Wattenberg's Repository and Staticum (Archive copy)


    Snyder's Win Online


    Snyder's Practice Download
    Sim Simp
    T-Hopper's spreadsheet analysis tool (Archive copy)
    BJSTRAT DOS Index Generator (ZIP D/L) (Archive copy)
    JensenAlgebraic Index Calc (ZIP DL) (Archive copy)
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    Are there any websites where you can practice counting and betting??
  3. zengrifter

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    Yes, the one here...

    ... but there is an unverified bug-report on it.

    The best practice drills are provided by software, and I recommend one of these -

    Ne Plus Ultra and Practicum by Victor Shelley
    The most unique blackjack training software packages on the market today since it will improve your card counting skills. Includes drills to improve counting, true count conversion, deck estimation, play variations, count indices, etc. Use the built in count or create your own balanced or unbalanced count. Newer versions now include the companion Practicum "play" upgrade. Excellent graphics and includes several unique practice and analysis features. Now available on CD which includes the 70 page manual. Editor Note: This is a highly recommended and unique training tool and with the price drop (formerly $120) an absolute best buy! Until SmartCards was available I gave this software my Best Blackjack Training Tool award.

    SmartCards by Extreme Blackjack
    SmartCards provides the best card counting training available anywhere. It is not a home blackjack game, but a professional software tool that builds the skills you need to beat the game consistently. SmartCards does this by providing a large range of exercises and practice environments. It supports virtually any card counting system, with features not found in many other practice programs.

    Casino Verite Blackjack,
    The Casino Verite Blackjack software package is the best blackjack game and simulation software on the market. Contains over 100 rule and play variations and a database of over 890 rule sets in over 500 real casinos. This amazing software also includes maps to your favorite casino, different table formats, statistic logs and color graphs, tournament play, counting drills, voice recognition, custom strategies, unusual games and more. If the strategy that you use is not included, you can define your own in excruciating detail. Strategy, betting and Over/Under 13 strategies can all be user defined. Warnings and records of strategy violations are provided. New variations of Blackjack are supported, like Multi-action, Over/Under13, Red/Black, Double Exposure, Royal Match, Bust Out, Super 7's and Seven & 1/2. Editor note: Casino Verite Blackjack get's my pick for the "best" overall blackjack software package on the market. Outstanding!
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    Another practice site I like is (Dead link:
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    Thats a GOOD ONE - FAST, I've added it to the resources list. zg
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    The Wizard of Odds

    Here's an absolutely genius site on probability and strategy for most casino games, including blackjack.

    P.S. It confirmed my suspicions that the "whako progression" I invented is as good as any strategy ever concieved (check "Advice & Strategy> Betting Systems"). This could also save Zen and Mikeabear the trouble of dealing with repeated betting system questions.

    the Chief
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  8. zengrifter

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    That's a great trainer. It's really, really fast, and that's helping me speed up my decisions a lot.

    The only problem I've found with it is even if you select "dealer hits soft 17" it says that doubling down on an 11 versus dealer's Ace is incorrect. Doubling is the proper play in that situation (according to the chart that the Basic Strategy Engine on this site gave me, anyway.
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    Great counting practice

    Once a day, at least....
    This web site to me has been very instramental.

    Try it, see what you think.

    The card trainer is just to keep sharp.
    The hand trainer helps you increase speed by recognizing hands and not single cards.
    The round trainer is just great for speed and helping you remember the running count!
  11. rdorange

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    free online game with counting and strategy

    Here is a FREE wesbite that allows you to play blackjack online.

    There is nothing to install and no java applets. Simply visit the website and start playing.

    It assists with the KO Count system. It keeps the running total for you, which you can show or hide. That way you show the computers count only when you want to double check your own count. Plus, it tracks each card played as well.

    It assists you with basic multi-deck strategy, instructing you how to play against the dealers upcard. The strategy matrix can be shown or hidden.

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    Check out (Dead link:! It's a great simple site- no downloads or anything. Just for practicing card counting without the distraction of game strategy. Can play a variety of count strategies, any number of decks, increase, decrease speed and also add distractions (try counting with an auction going on!). I like it a lot.
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    Brilliant Blackjack Site!!

    As usual I was scoring the web for Blackjack information and I came across this brilliant website. It's all video taught which is excellent for beginners and the first 18 are free. I would recommend it to any new blackjack players and maybe even the pros. It has everything you need to start card counting for real :)

    Enjoy :) :)

    Note ** This is NOT spam but the thread can be moved to an appropriate section if I have chosen the wrong one
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    Dabucci, would you recommend signing up for access to the advanced videos? Enjoyed the free ones, very good
  17. BrokenSaints

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    I signed up for the advanced videos and found them pretty basic in nature. They offer a risk free 7 day trial so you can judge for yourself I decided it wasn't worth the 20 bucks and they were very accommodating in refunding my money after I gave them some good feedback.
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    The Blackjack Zone - FREE ONLINE BOOK

    Don't anyone download the book - its a trap - Eliot works for the darkside!

    STALKER says so!

    Its a conspiracy! zg

    Ps - This public service message has been brought to you by THE ZEN ZONE.
    Pps - Eliot coined the name of the forum THE ZEN ZONE - Don't anybody visit the ZEN ZONE, its a trap! A conspiracy1
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