Generalíssimo Francisco Franco is still dead

Discussion in 'General' started by QFIT, Oct 21, 2011.

  1. QFIT

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    So, as the Libyan Mission is on my block, I pass it a few times a day. They started posting cops in front at the start of the rebellion. They stopped after the UN Assembly last month. They started again today, after today’s dramatic events. Walking by, I commented to the cops, “Ghaddafi been by today?” The elder cop glared at me and said “WHAT?” The younger laughed and said “Not yet.”
  2. sagefr0g

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    i once, when younger made a bad joke to an airline attendent, back in the 60's, that i had a bomb.:eek:
    didn't go over well, at all.
    these days, oh boy, one would end up far worse than banished to the zenzone.:laugh::whip:
  3. Canceler

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    From the main index page, when all I could see of the thread title was “Generalissimo Francisco…”, my first thought was, “Is he still dead?”
    Good to know! :)
  4. QFIT

    QFIT Well-Known Member

    :) I checked. Francisco Paulino Hermenegildo Teódulo Franco y Bahamonde, Salgado-Araujo y Pardo de Andrade is even more dead. From WP: "Owing to Franco's human rights record, in 2007, the Spanish government banned all public references to the Franco regime and removed any statues, street names, memorials and symbols associated with the regime. Churches which retain plaques commemorating Franco and the victims of his Republican opponents may lose state aid. The national anthem of Spain, the Marcha Real, is no longer accompanied by the lyrics introduced by Franco."

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