Greetings All!


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Hello there! I have been reading this forums on and off while learning and practicing my skills to hopefully pay some bills. Just wanted to say thanks for the tons of helpful info and helpful people.

I am just getting into counting and will hopefully be ready to hit Foxwoods within the month. I am using BOII, hopefully after a few runs I will switch to the AOII.

Any tips for the game at FW? (PM me with dirty secrets pleez!)::devil:

I have read BJ for Blood and Millionaire Blackjack....neither seem to really focus on anything more than 4 decks. Any books out there that may have better tips for 8d games? Anyone have any personal exp tips for FW?

I have been there several times as a gambler...and I completely agree that their pit crew is normally distracted at best. There have been times that a dealer has had to call five times to get the pit's attention just for a color up.

just blabbling now. anyway, hope to start talking to you all more. GL at the tables!