1. C

    Helping out a beginner in San Diego area

    Hello all thanks or accepting me on the forums. I'm here to ask if anyone in the San Diego area is willing to help coach or teach me. I understand the basics of counting and what not, but I want to improve my skills and possibly join a team. Thank you for your time
  2. Lasse Andersen

    Basic strategy - help me understand.

    I'm learning the basic strategy by heart, but I still got a hard time understanding something. How come you want to hit on 18, soft total, against a 7 and 8, but having a 17+ in hard total, you would always stand against anything. I get how the chance of busting is way higher when having a...
  3. R

    New at card counting -- am I doing it right?

    Hi, I'm new to counting cards (extremely new)... I found a deck in my dorm today and decided what the hell, why not give it a shot. I've read through lotsa stuff on the forum here and other basic google searches, as well as the lessons found here...
  4. B

    Is this for me?

    I've got between 75-100 hours of practice, basic memorized (with some helpful mnemonic devices if anyone's interested), and a bankroll of 1000 units roughly 250 max bets. That's right I only plan on using a bet spread of 1-4 as described here As much as I can...
  5. X

    Greetings All!

    Hello there! I have been reading this forums on and off while learning and practicing my skills to hopefully pay some bills. Just wanted to say thanks for the tons of helpful info and helpful people. I am just getting into counting and will hopefully be ready to hit Foxwoods within the...
  6. B

    My first experiences. and questions.

    Ok first of , i didnt started counting because of the movies or because of 1 of the books :).And if your not botherd in my experiences plz skip to the bottom of my post. I started counting because Paul wilson said in an interview "that he was still regulairly playing in some european...