My first experiences. and questions.

Ok first of , i didnt started counting because of the movies or because of 1 of the books :).And if your not botherd in my experiences plz skip to the bottom of my post.

I started counting because Paul wilson said in an interview "that he was still regulairly playing in some european casinos and was kicked out" I was like huh ? Next question in the interview was : "What card counting technique do you use ?" he used high low. then i was like huh ? high low , does that mean that counting card doesnt mean remembering 300 cards.

So i ended up studdying card counting for that night, gotten through a deck in 50 seconds after that night. Following weeks i studdyd basic strategy, wich was quite easy during all my bus trips, and i went doing quite well actualy (im in to weird stuff, solving rubiks cubes etc)

Then i was horrified, a small month of perfecting i came to knowledge that in my country they use CSM's on all tables :( realy pissed i trew everything out. Forgot most of the vital stuff.

So then on my holliday in a country wich i shall not further disclose. there were casino's, alot of them. I was 2 weeks on holliday, 1 week to train , another week to earn myself a porsche.

Was that a fail or what.

My first day, the usual story you read on these forums: to fast of a dealer. starting money 50 euro, won 50 euro , so my bankroll was now : 100 euro. I wasnt stupid/ignorant though i knew that was all luck.

I went back to some more sunny beach hours of training , a deck in 30 seconds and more basic strategy.

Second day, i went quite well actualy counting was better (due to new dealer) but i didnt know annything at all about betting-spreads. won another 50 euro , bankroll : 150 euro.

third day, I was counting realy smooth now, found a new way to do it. instead of doing -1 0 -1 0 1 2 -1, i was only remembering in pairs, hard to explain but i only say -4 -2 0 2 4 6 etc. i skip the uneven numbers and remember if it was a bad or a good card wich is easy for pairing up.

I lost 150 euro , my entire bankroll.

My parents laughed ther buts of, i was pissed, and my sister still naggin me about it. But all that motivates me.

So now i am here 1 week at home, learnd alot already but still alot to learn.

My questions are now, what would be a good bankroll for a 5-100 table and what would be good betting-spreads?


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Generally you will want to have about 100 top bets, but that’s just a rule of thumb. It will depend on what your style of play is. So if your maximum bet is 50 euro you would want 5,000 euros for a bankroll. It usually ends up being about 600-800 minimum bets. Your bet spread will depend on the rules of the game, your bankroll, your tolerance for risk, and many other factors. As generic bet spread might look something like this:

0 = do not bet
+1 = 1 unit
+2 = 2 units
+3 = 4 units
+4 = 8 units
>+4 = 16 units (2 hands of 8 units each is better)

There is more information in the Frequently Asked Questions thread and the Free Counting Resources thread at the top of this forum.


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I like that spread that is how I have been playing recently at a $200 max table. +1 = 25 max = 2 hands of $200. I have found one advantage to bringing my girlfriend to play red chips. I can stand up to make a call, or even just act like I forgot to bet a couple hands while helping her but really waiting for the count to rise to plus 1 without seeming suspicious.