1. Tex

    I’m new here, what should I know?

    Like the title says, I’m new here, is there a few forum specific things I should know. I get touting my “new system” for Martingale 2.0 isn’t a good idea, and my love of sticking to basic strategy isn’t shared by many,... but is there a sticky somewhere I’m missing that can give me a cypher for...
  2. B

    newbie counter looking for advice

    Over the last couple months I've been teaching myself the zen count. How would the season vets here rate it compared to the other counts? I can count down a single deck using this system in about 30-35 secs on average? My local casino offers single deck,das,da2,ES, 3-2 bj. Is this a good...
  3. S

    Newbie looking for some (AC) advice please!!

    Hi guys, let me introduce myself, if anyone really cares. First let me say that of all the blackjack sites on the web, I find this one to have the best (knowledgeable and helpful) members of any. I know im not the most eloquent or humorous writer, so I appreciate it if you can hang in there. I...
  4. B

    My first experiences. and questions.

    Ok first of , i didnt started counting because of the movies or because of 1 of the books :).And if your not botherd in my experiences plz skip to the bottom of my post. I started counting because Paul wilson said in an interview "that he was still regulairly playing in some european...