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Discussion in 'Eastern USA' started by kewljason, Aug 26, 2010.

  1. kewljason

    kewljason Well-Known Member

    I am wondering about Harrah's in Chester, pa (just south Of philly) I have seen reports from most of the new east coast stores, but haven't seen much posted about harrah's chester. Anyone played there? We know the rules are s17, das, ls, as all pa casinos are by law, but what about table limits and variables like csm, or gimmicks like covered shoes and hiding the discards as parx is doing? Thanx greatly.
  2. Nothing special or noteworthy about the game. Store is crowded and terrible ventilation.
  3. ArcticInferno

    ArcticInferno Well-Known Member

    Is it as crowded as Sands in Bethlehem PA?
    If I have to wait/roam for more than an hour to play, then it's not worth my time.
    Does it have auto-shufflers? 6 or 8 decks?
    Is the penetration as bad as Mohegan Sun in CT, or better?
  4. tensplitter

    tensplitter Well-Known Member

    The one time I went there on the first week of legalized blackjack in Pennsylvania, I didn't have any trouble finding a $10 table. The penetration was extremely great, we even ran out of cards once (I once could predict with certainty that the last 4 cards in the shoe and the dealer's hole card were tens or aces). I would go there more often but I pass by Parx which is an hour closer than Harrah's Chester.
  5. ArcticInferno

    ArcticInferno Well-Known Member

    Tensplitter, I have never heard of running out of cards.
    If they cut off,... say,... half deck, isn't that still enough to deal out a full table?
    If the penetration is that deep, then an extra hour or two on the road is worth the time.
    Did Tensplitter and Automatic Monkey go to the same casino???!!!
    Or is the shrewd one trying to keep this gold mine a secret? LOL!
    Tensplitter, someone’s going to shoot you with an “automatic” for exposing the secret. LOL!
  6. I was there on the second week. Pen was nothing unusual, kind of looked like a Foxwoods game.
  7. am19psu

    am19psu Member

    It's unremarkable, but better than most games in AC. Cutting off 1.5-2/8 recently. $25 tables are easy to find a seat at, $10-$15 tables usually have a <15-30min wait.
  8. 21forme

    21forme Well-Known Member

    It must really hurt Harrahs' management inside to be forced to offer S17, LS, 3:2 games. :laugh:
  9. WABJ11

    WABJ11 Well-Known Member

  10. aslan

    aslan Well-Known Member

    I started off there great guns, but then dropped a bunch. Never could get back to even. Better pen would make this a fabulous spot, but needless to say, the pen was not that great on my visit. I think the next PA store I visit will be around Pittsburgh where I have heard only good reports. And, yes, Mrs Harrah must be having a hissy fit. :laugh:
  11. melbedewy

    melbedewy Well-Known Member

    No doubt. Although they may start cutting 5 decks out of 8 and they will have the last laugh.
  12. 21forme

    21forme Well-Known Member

    Yeah, if they want to cut their bottom line.
  13. aslan

    aslan Well-Known Member

    Actually, I read in another thread that the state also regulates penetration, which they set at 75%. If BookerPA reads this, since he plays the PA casinos and knows the law, maybe he will confirm this.
  14. plainplayer

    plainplayer Active Member

    "§549.6. Shuffle and cut of the cards.
    (e) Once the cutting card has been inserted by the player, the dealer shall take all cards above the cutting card and place them on the bottom of the stack. The dealer shall then take the entire stack of cards that was just cut and align them along the side of the dealing shoe which has a mark that will allow the dealer to insert the cutting card in the stack at a position at least approximately one-quarter of the way in from the bottom of the stack. The stack of cards shall then be inserted into the dealing shoe for commencement of play."

    It's an indent line along which the cut card is aligned when inserting the cut card.
  15. V Lazlo

    V Lazlo Member

    Aren't the shoes made with more than 1 slot. I was at sands couple weeks ago saw i dealer cut off 1/2 shoe and another cut off what looked like 1 - 1.25 deck.
  16. aslan

    aslan Well-Known Member

    I read that to mean they are not precluded from cutting more than 25%, however, they are required to cut at least 25%. Do you read it this way? So much for state as guardian of the people (rearrange that to plopee). :laugh:
  17. plainplayer

    plainplayer Active Member

    Yes, it's clear on being "at least" 25%.
  18. aslan

    aslan Well-Known Member

    I wonder who put that particular percentage in the state's mind? Can we petition for a change in the law? :laugh:
  19. V Lazlo

    V Lazlo Member

    I believe the regs are still temporary.
  20. BookerPA

    BookerPA Well-Known Member

    [ 58 PA. CODE CHS. 521, 531, 533, 537 AND 549 ]
    Temporary Table Game Surveillance Requirements; Temporary Table Game Rules for Roulette, Big Six Wheel, Craps and Blackjack
    [40 Pa.B. 985]
    [Saturday, February 20, 2010]

    With the very, very, very inexperienced dealers, you can suggest, "If you put that yellow thingy back further, you won't have to deal so often." :grin::grin:

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