Hear Ken Smith today


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I'll be the guest tonight on Kenny Einiger's radio show in Las Vegas. You can tune in at 6 PM Pacific to hear me and Kenny talk about all things blackjack and tournaments. If you're close enough to Las Vegas to get the signal, tune in to KLAV radio at 1230 on the AM dial.

If you're further away, you can still listen over the internet. Head to http://www.klav1230am.com and you can find links to listen to the show live.

It's also a call-in show. Here are the numbers:
Call Toll Free @ 1-866-820-5528
or locally @ 1-702-731-1230

Please note the toll free number gets the bulk of the calls so you may encounter a busy signal.The local number has multiple lines available and may be less busy.

If you're unfamiliar with Kenny Einiger, he was among the competitors I faced in World Series of Blackjack 2004 and 2005. In 2004, he made an early exit when an aggressive approach didn't pan out. In 2005 though, he went all the way, and earned the title 2005 World Blackjack Champion.

He has a new website at http://www.worldblackjackchampion.com/ (Archive copy)

Check it out, and check out the show later today!


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This show will replay at 4 PM Pacific on Saturday July 16 (today) if you missed it the first time around. We had a good time in the studio, and I'll probably have some photos to post at BlackjackTournaments.com soon.