Ho Chunk Casino (Baraboo, WI)

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While your response is appreciated, I was thinking about things like penetration, heat and other things that can only be answered by people that have played there recently.
Thanks again.

Billy C1
I live about 30 miles from Ho Chunk and I rarely go there because the games are not very good. They have 2 deck with no DAS and D hard 9 10 11 only with normally about 1 full deck cut off. Every so often you may find 60-65% pen. Also, the table max is usually 10x the min ($10-$100 @ $25- $250). I don't pay to much to the 6 deck games, but I believe they are double any first 2 and DAS and hit soft 17. Wonging is virtually impossible on weekends. Also, I think the only tables with limits above $100 are in the high stakes room, which has 2 tables (1 2 deck @ 1 6 deck). I have spread $10-$80 on 2 deck before with no heat, but normally play short sessions of about 1 hour, so I have never pushed it. I just play every so often for practice and to stay on the mailing list for promos! Majestic pines in Black River Falls offers much better pen on their 2 deck game, but I think the limits are now $15-$100. I have played there much more often and never had any heat spreading from minimumto maximum. Hope this helps. Post any more questions ASAP, as I leave for Vegas at 8 AM on Sunday. PS The one nice thing about Ho Chunk is that they have 2 seperate pits, so at least you can bounce from pit to pit a little especially after midnight or so.


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I live in Oshkosh, if you're ever looking for a teammate, i've been thinking about heading down there. I know most of the hot spots in Wisconsin too :D
my mom told me never to talk to strangers!! lol!! I am not sure quite what kind of team play you would want to do, but I am always listening to good ideas. Glad to here more from the Wisconsin AP's

I play there quite a bit. I play at $5 min $50 max 6D tables. Dealer hits on soft 17, no surrender. I have had good results even though I play small. Once I build up my bankroll I will move up to a higher tables. Penetration varies, but ave. is probably 1.5 decks. Not much heat, but I play small. I keep a pretty low profile at the $5 table and no one pays very close attention to me (I think). Never seen anyone backed off yet, but probably not frequented by many good counters. Good place. Beatable. shteve


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Ho Chunk

Checked out Ho-Chunk a couple times last week, and again today. It seems like the previous poster's information is still accurate. I observed 6 deck games with 55%-80% penetration. The most alert dealers seemed to consistently cut 70%-75%, so that is probably the policy. One particular dealer had a great 80% cut one shoe, and a couple shoes later cut at about 55%. Dealer hits soft 17, DAS, resplit. Split Aces just get one card. Didn't notice heat spreading $5-$50, sometimes nearly $100 when I was sure I could get away with it (was losing, proclaiming "all in.)

The 2 deck game had horrible rules and penetration slightly over 50%. H17, no DAS, double only 10/11. Shuffle tracking seems impossible. They had auto shufflers on some tables and seemed pretty overkill in their manual shuffling.

If anyone wants to meet there sometime I would be up for it. I am a new counter and would be interested in meeting some other APers.
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This is ten years later. I have played at ho chunk quite a bit but then I only learned how play about a year ago. I don't see to many big winners or back offs. Never have heard a complaint except from people who play with no strategy and think they can win. There was a mid shoe entry rule (no betting higher than table minimum until a new shoe)for all the tables but now that has been lifted on all 10 dollar and under tables. On the 25 dollar tables you cannot start in the middle of a shoe unless no one is playing at the table. The pit crews all seem to be pretty friendly and I have noot seen them eyeballing anyone unless it's a hot looking babe.