how do you double down/split?

Discussion in 'General' started by blackjacknewcomer1111, Aug 9, 2006.

  1. i went to the casino yesterday for the first time and i played blackjack. i had no idea what i was doing but i ended up winning some money!

    anyways, i know i was just really lucky yesterday so i figured i should learn what im actually doing before i go to a casino again. today i read over the rules about what doubling down is, splitting is, etc, and i memorized the three basic strategy charts. there's still something i don't understand there a signal for doubling down or splitting? i know that you place your double down bet/splitting bet next to your original bet, but is there a hand signal to say you are doubling down or splitting? do you just put down the bet and the dealer knows you are doubling down or splitting? if you have a 5/5, does he just assume you are doubling down and not splitting when you place down the second bet? this is kind of a dumb question but i figured i might as well ask since i dont wanna look like a dumbass like i did yesterday....i didnt even know the hand motion for "stand"!
  2. mrbill

    mrbill Well-Known Member

    I always signal with the following signals

    For Double Down - Hold first finger up signalling you only want 1 card.

    For Split - 2 fingers in the shape of a V. Only really necessary on a pair but I do it anyway so there is no question.
  3. shadroch

    shadroch Well-Known Member

    Be as ambigoius as you can when doubling down on two fives. You might catch a 5 or a 6. If you do,get all excited and say double down after splits,right!You'll get away with it the first time you do,unless you're in a real grind joint.Then the dealer will instruct you on how to do it,in the future.
  4. lol shadroch, that's a good idea.

    and mr bill, thanks! so those are the standard signals for doubling down/splitting, right?
  5. Canceler

    Canceler Well-Known Member

    Yes. Another thing you can do is if you're doubling down, put your additional bet right next to your original bet. If splitting, leave a couple inches of separation between them.
  6. oh yeah and another thing, do most casinos let you surrender? how do you know if a casino allows it?

    also, what's the signal for surrendering?
  7. ihate17

    ihate17 Well-Known Member


    Many but not most casinos allow late surrender. Just ask the dealer or pit.

    There is no universal signal. Most places in Vegas want you to verbally say it and some have a special surrender chip they throw on the table for the camera to see just what is happening. Some casinos want you to go with a finger horizontally behind your bet as a signal, problem with this is sometimes a quick dealer will think you wanted a hit. If they give you a card and it helps keep it, if it hurts tell them you wished to surrender, might work once a session.

  8. dacium

    dacium Well-Known Member

    Generally the rule is on a double down you put your double bet beside the other one with no gap between them. The original bet is in the box, while the double should be on the edge of the box.

    For a split you put one bet on one side of the box and the other on the other side.

    Though can get get tricky if some dealers just aren't paying attention or don't care. If you just put a bet out they may show you the card before asking, then you can decide if or not to split 5's. Generally speaking unless the dealer has specifically touched your cards and split them you will never get it awarded a split, so its pretty safe to assume you will always be doubling down instead of splitting.

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