I Would Like Some Help

I used to play a lot of BJ, back in the late 90s. I was pretty proficient, but due to good games drying, getting backed of from the best spots and obligations outside of BJ I stopped playing. Back in the day I actually had a few connections out there and even published once in the now defunct BJ Forum (not that that means anything really).

Well I am ready to go again. I can play midwest and Mississippi, LA and West Va.

I would like someone to email me or PM me so I can find out what is going on out there now. I am not going to waste my time driving 8 hours just to find 4/6 penetration.

If anyone would like to help or get t know a new friend into CCing let me know.


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Check out Diamond Jacks in Shreveport/Bossier city.
Double deck with: S17, DOA, DAS, no resplit Aces, $10.00 min.
Pen CAN be 65% to 70% during the morning into early afternoon.
Also Sams Town, standard 6 deck w/ same rules as well as late surrender and 65% to 70% pen.
Oops , forgot @ double deck avoid evenings, esp. on weekends. 50% pen. full tables.
Hope this helps


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The above recommendations neglected to mention the EXTREME heat that awaits you at those stores.

Message me when you have posted enough times to gain the privilege and I will provide you with very specific information as per your request.

Meanwhile order the current copy of CBJN (Current Blackjack News) from bj21.com