In NJ, looking for decent $5 tables

Discussion in 'Eastern USA' started by Dalton, Jul 14, 2011.

  1. Dalton

    Dalton New Member

    I'm thinking of going somewhere to play tomorrow (Friday). I called Borgata but they told me they weren't sure of their $5 table would be open tomorrow.

    Does anyone know of any place in Atlantic City or PA that for sure has a $5 table with decent rules? Thanks!
  2. Thunder

    Thunder Well-Known Member

    a $5 table with decent rules on a Friday no less... Hmm, I suggest you invent a time machine and go back to oh maybe 1983.
  3. Dalton

    Dalton New Member

    Well at least you're not sarcastic or snarky. :)
  4. tthree

    tthree Banned

    If you find one good luck finding a seat.
  5. MasterofNone

    MasterofNone Well-Known Member

    Perhaps dispensing with the witty commentary and answering his question would help. :whip:
  6. ChefJJ

    ChefJJ Well-Known Member

    The answer with about 97% certainty is NO then. Might be more of a scavenger hunt to find $10 on a Friday, but it's certainly doable in the morning/early afternoon.
  7. BJgenius007

    BJgenius007 Well-Known Member

    My local casino advertised that they always have one $5 Blackjack table all the time. It is standard PA rule: 6D, S17, no RSA, DA2, DAS, LS. Penetration is about 78%. But the Meadows casino is located in western PA, far from AC.
  8. BJinNJ

    BJinNJ Well-Known Member

    Better Go to Poconos

    The casino at Mt. Pocono had the lowest limits I've seen lately.
    Went on vacation and visited Mt. Pocono and Sands in Bethlehem.
    Although the Mt. Pocono casino was smallish, they had several
    $10 tables, if you could get a seat(3-5pm). $15 was the minimum
    at the Sands, but only 1 table. The other tables were all $25 min.
    And, this was at 8-9am. No seats there, either.

    Both casinos used ASMs, and pen was terrible.

    I practiced a little back counting, ate, then left.

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  9. Jacob

    Jacob Well-Known Member

    D, Borgata always has 1 $5 bj table for its low rollers. Also try GN. it has offered 5 buck bj games ever since GN lacks of patrons. At this moment, even Mt. Airy Casino offers two $5 bj tables. Take your picks. Good luck.
  10. Pokemon

    Pokemon Member

    Harrah's Chester has a $5 Shufflemaster machine... Harrington in DE has super low limits at tables before 1100... Otherwise, you'll have to settle for $10 or higher mins. p
  11. Thunder

    Thunder Well-Known Member

    Jacob, he said with GOOD rules. The Borgata hardly qualifies as having good rules at its lone $5 table.
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  12. Jacob

    Jacob Well-Known Member

  13. Wookets

    Wookets Well-Known Member

    Where is the machine located? I've never seen anything less than $10 in Harrahs Chester.
  14. Gamblor

    Gamblor Well-Known Member

    There's almost always two $5 games on a weekday at Mt. Pocono. Don't bet x40 units at the table :grin: Pen is generally hideous there though.

    Sands has usually multiple $15 tables during daytime weekdays, and usually a handful during evening/nights. Hideous crowding as you mentioned.

    As for OPs point, your very unlikely to get a $5 table in AC on a weekend. Tahj has $5 tables on weekday afternoons sometimes.
  15. junior_counter

    junior_counter Active Member

    Golden Nugget

    Golden Nugget. Months ago even had $5 tables on a Friday night. Not sure if available since it's summer now? Though typical deteriorating AC rules w/ H17. 75% penetration, hand shuffled and automatic shuffling machines.

    If in Western NJ, may be worthwhile to increase the table min and hit PA casinos w/ better rules. Don't think $5 tables have ever existed there, but may be able to grab a $10? Have seen them on weekend mornings/ afternoons at Harrahs Chester.
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  16. KingHenry

    KingHenry Member

    The last time i was at the Hilton in AC, they had 2 five dollar tables on a Saturday afternoon, but the rules are lousy - 8 decks, H17, no surrender or resplit aces, and you can only play one hand with a max bet of 100.

    mt. airy usually has 5 dollar tables at non peak times with much better rules (standard pa), the average pen is around 66% but sometimes you'll find an exception. be careful of heat though on these tables if you're putting in the hours with a larger spread
  17. Ferretnparrot

    Ferretnparrot Well-Known Member

    The only places you will ever stand a chance at finding a 5 dollar table on a frdiay night during peak season is at borgata or showboat because they usually have one single lone 24/7 dedicated 5 dollar table.

    assuming they didnt pull the plug since its peak season, you would probibly have to wait several hours to get a seat, and play only one box.

    Checkj out the "ridge" which is an outcropping of balleys formerly the gaming floor of the claridge, thye have low limit games on weekends, and they are usually pretty vacant. They are only opne from 8pm-4am weekends.
  18. Pokemon

    Pokemon Member

    I found the Shufflemaster machines at Harrah's Chester at the far end of the room from the entrance from the parking garage. As you enter the room and look all the way down, the machines are past the circular bar and to the right. I'm pretty sure there was a $5 machine back in mid-May...hope I'm not confusing it with another store. :confused: p
  19. When I was at the Showboat in mid-June, the lone $5 table was no longer available. I asked the pit boss if this was permanent, and he replied "for the time being, yes". Perhaps someone who has been to Showboat more recently can verify if this is still the case?

    The House of Blues section with the scantily clad dealers has had $5 tables a couple of times on Saturday nights in the past, but not in June when I went this time.

    The Taj had a couple of $5 tables open up until about 1 p.m. or so. This was on a Thursday and Friday.

    The Ridge has one $5 roulette table on Friday and Saturday nights, but blackjack is $10.

    If Golden Nugget is the only place in town to offer $5 tables with any degree of regularity, you would think they would advertise it. Considering the general climate that permeates the town, any business would be good business, yes?
  20. BJgenius007

    BJgenius007 Well-Known Member

    People playing these machines should know the shuffle point is NOT when it changes the virtual dealer. I did read that someone in Las Vegas figured out the shuffle point, made a good fortune off it (spreading 100 to 1).

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