Keith Taft Dies

Subject : Blackjack suffers a great loss
posted by RWM on 08-29-2006 @ BJFO

Keith Taft died yesterday. Keith was a great gentleman, and a tremendous influence on the world of professional blackjack.

Taft Interviewed -

Taft's 'George' computer circa 1978

From Discovery Channel 'Breaking Vegas' series -

"The Gadget Gambler"
Keith Taft was the last person you'd imagine as a Vegas cheat--a deeply religious Baptist, director of church choirs, and family man. But in fact, a serendipitous visit to a Reno casino transformed Taft into a "mad scientist" obsessed with beating blackjack, who even enlisted his children as accomplices. A creative gadget genius, Taft built everything from LED eyeglasses to handheld lasers that could mark cards from 15 feet away. Join us for a riotous ride with one of the unlikeliest of casino cheats in the driver's seat as we reveal the raucous trials, outrageous close calls, exhilarating triumphs, and tumultuous ups and downs of this odd clan of Vegas cheats.
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