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With such bad penetration spread doesn't matter much what you do, for counting. It won't be (usefully) profitable. Maybe it's gotten better since, or there are some good dealers that deal more deeply. But I didn't see anyone dealing past 3 of 6 decks when I was there. You'll end up risking thousands of dollars to make a couple of dollars an hour.
Huh thanks for the information. I have been actually very interested in casinos especially now that we have been stuck at home during the lock-downs. I was actually suppose to go to Vegas last march but with the pandemic I had to cancel the trip, so I switched my attention to the fast majority of online casino rooms that are now opening on the web. I have tried a few online casino rooms but I have to say that my personal favorite would probably have to be lucky nugget casino. It has been on the web for a very long time and has a stable set of rules but I personally have discovered it not that long ago. I have mostly been focusing on slots and poker but they have a lot of other options as well so if you are interested in playing online casino you should give it a try
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