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Discussion in 'Outside of USA' started by li_ka_shing168, Dec 6, 2009.

  1. li_ka_shing168

    li_ka_shing168 Active Member

    Hi everyone, I have searched the forum about korea, the info is a bit dated for Seoul's casino but I didnt found any info for cheju island. Please can someone provide me updates of the BJ game in Seoul + info for cheju. I am now on a trip in HK and would like to play some profitable games in korea. Thanks in advance
  2. chichow

    chichow Well-Known Member

    Not to be a jerk, but if you are going, then just go.

    I don't honestly think much has changed in Seoul although it HAS been a while since I have been there.

    Please go and just report back.

    Good luck
  3. li_ka_shing168

    li_ka_shing168 Active Member

    I will be going, but i need to know which one between cheju or seoul would be better. I know there is something like 9 casino on cheju island but i never got any info about the casino there, what if i go and they are all csm's. I would have gone there for nothing.
  4. ycming

    ycming Well-Known Member

    The whole point of a forum is for people to find information they need ... what a pointless post that is!

    May be phone up the korean casino and ask ?

  5. chichow

    chichow Well-Known Member

    Its not like the Asia forum is alive with tons of posts.

    Given that, its not likely that anyone who hasn't already visited and posted wouldn't have already reported conditions.


    LKS: If you are that concerned about Seoul vs C isle than just go to Seoul where there are reports on the games there.
  6. mineomarrtinez

    mineomarrtinez New Member

    I only visited one Seoul casino, but the conditions are the same as they have been reported before,
    At the 7 luck.

    8 decks, hand shuffled
    dealer draws to 16 stands on all 17s
    BJ pays 3-2
    split any pairs
    double any two cards
    about 85% penetration
    insurance pays 2-1
    side bet of pairs, pays 11 - 1

    Its quite as a library in there. One thing that was funny, there was a tables of blackjack that I was watching. when the true count for the table went to +5, everyone raised their bets accordingly. and in the next hand when it went down, everyone bet the minimum. I just had to laugh at that. I was wondering if I was seeing a full table of counters. Anyway, not much countermeasures taken here I presume.

    I'll be visiting the other 2 casinos in Seoul in a few days. And then Cheju Island in a month or so. I'll keep you posted.
  7. jerseyshop101

    jerseyshop101 Well-Known Member

    In the few times I have been able to go, I have seen players openly count at Seven Luck Casino in Seoul at the Millenium. If Ray Charles were dealing, he would even know they were counting.:laugh: I'm starting to think they really don't care, or maybe the players are in the red so they don't care as much. Or maybe they figure its just the normal hit and run tourists. I really don't know, but it was definitely obvious.

    Several years back at Walker Hill Casino in Seoul, same thing. I only heard of a Chinese group that was banned from playing there.

    Good luck and win a truckload of Won!

  8. San

    San Member

    Just be careful

    I've been counting cards in Seoul for a while. Lately, I had encountered TC over 28 in one of the casinos. Over 28, can you believe it? It was the end of shoe and less than one deck left. The running count was 28.

    I understand it doesn't mean anything for just one shoe. But I had also encountered many shoes ended at RC over 15, less than one deck left. I also counted 4s, 5s and Aces but I didn't find anything unusual. Anyway, I just want to let you know that if you count cards in Seoul, just be careful. Maybe there's a reason why the casinos don't care about people counting cards.

  9. 65D

    65D Active Member


    Just updating the tread w/ what I have encountered. Have been counting in Korea past couple months.

    7 Luck is 6 deck (not 8)

    Walker Hill is 8 deck (however of about there 15 tables, 1 of them was a 6 deck)
    . kinda stange, but anyhow...

    One thing in Korea, that I find "odd" is that after they break out a new deck, they do NOT flip the cards over to show u all of them. (whereas in the USA, that is something the casino MUST do). I haven't asked for it either though, I was tempted, but at the time I was up a good bit of money, so I did not want to bring added attention.

    I notice, everytime you sit down at a new table, they like to count up your chips, and they input it to their little screen. So I always keep my profit in my pocket, so i appear near broke while i am sitting there.

    Even though 7 luck has 6 decks, I still prefer Walker hill.
    My first time at 7 luck (i did not have basic stradegy memorized)...i asked the dealer if i can use my laminated wallet size BS card. she was kool. But then later, the pit boss said "no counting" and made me put away the BS card.
    - She thought BS card = counting. Either clueless, or intentionall...who knows
  10. San

    San Member


    In Walker Hill, you could ask pit boss to use 6 decks instead of 8 decks. However, it's only available in high limit table (min 50,000 KRW, about US$50). I had seen some Japanese tourist asked for 6 decks and the pit boss allowed it. But I'm not sure if it would bring up some heat as I never do it.

  11. Gramazeka

    Gramazeka Well-Known Member


    Danger cheating!
  12. 65D

    65D Active Member

    6 vs 8

    Thanks for that info (lil late for me now, there...lol)

    I was recently banned from playing blackjack at Walker Hill.
    (and the frustrating part was, that i was down 2k when i was banned!)
    It's ok, I made 11K the weekend prior there.
    I was banned for "counting cards". Pulled aside and told I can never play 21 there again, but I am able to play anyother game.
    I fault this to myself, as after a few bad shoes, they brought out a new deck and i asked 3 times to SEE the cards, and mentioned how every other casino allows this. I guess this was too much attention, b/c 30 mins later after a lil run, i was banned from 21.

    I noticed that most of the tables are 8 deck, yet a couple are 6.
    Asking to switch tho, could be a sign of attention that might not be desired.

    But "house rule" is that they do NOT show the cards, even after a fresh deck is broken.
  13. 65D

    65D Active Member

    not showing cards

    7 luck is the same way.

    guess its a South Korea thing. But that really urks me to not see all the cards.
    For all i know it has 2 extra 5's and 2 less Aces, but we shall never know.

    The more advantageous part of Walker Hill is the spreads.
    10,000 to 1,000,000 won tables. You can spread it thick, and even have a "surrender, ie wong out price bet". most 10,000 won places do not go up to 1mil max. Walker Hill does.

    7 luck is 10,000 to 500,000 tables (and 7 luck is all 6 decks)
  14. jnrwilliam

    jnrwilliam Active Member

    i don't think short deck/shoe is there, 7 Luck or Walker Hill.
    but cheating is very likely in Jecho, the island in most south of Korea.
  15. 65D

    65D Active Member

    me either

    i dont think it is either..

    but if it isn't, why not show the cards???

    7 luck and walker hill BOTH have this as house rules (no cards shown)

    golden gate (at the incheon airport hotel) does however show all cards, every fresh deck, and they change to a fresh deck about every 5 shoes
    much smaller casino however

    i played at Lottle Hotel (at jeju) about 3 months ago (and 250 less of experience) I was a far less profiecient counter then...
    they also do not turn over the cards either
  16. chichow

    chichow Well-Known Member

    Which casino if any let's S. Korean's in...

    I think I read somewhere that S. Koreans are allowed in one casino in S. Korea.

    Anyone know which it is and the game quality?
  17. jnrwilliam

    jnrwilliam Active Member

    4 hr fr Seoul. another province.
  18. chichow

    chichow Well-Known Member

    Thanks...looks like I'll be going solo vs. w/ some s.korean nationals which limits my table time
  19. jnrwilliam

    jnrwilliam Active Member

    very very crowdy but foreigner can play in VIP room/high limit.
  20. chichow

    chichow Well-Known Member

    Thoughts of conditions at the IC vs. Walker Hill?

    Walker hill usally has 2+ pit areas of BJ. Maybe 6 - 8 tables depending on the time?

    I forget, but I thought IC had less tables.

    I also thought conditions at Walker were a little better.

    Any updates?

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