laughlin for young couple

Hey I was just wondering if anyone had any info about laughlin. I will be driving to phoenix in a month. On the way back to Denver, CO, my girlfriend and I were going to stop in laughlin for a night or two. We are both 23. Is the blackjack any good. Also what are the rules like on craps. Sorry this post is pretty random but basically what I want to know is if two younger people should stop here or just go on to vegas, where we already go a fewtimes a year. Thanks for any advice.

This time of the year the snowbirds will be there and it will be an older crowd. The rooms and eats are a lot cheaper than Vegas. The BJ was fine the last time I was there. Many low limit games. Several at $2.00 and $3.00.
It is right on the Colorado river and in the summer time you can rent jet ski's.
Give it a try, you may like it.
Twentythree is old enough

So you are talking mid-March? Easter is real late this year. That is when the snowbirds vacate.

Currently, the worst BJ in Laughlin is offered at the Mandalay Resort Group (now MGM-Mirage) properties of Colorado Belle and the Edgewater. The 6:5 BJ nonsense has infested most games.

The best games are dealt at the Pioneer and the Golden Nugget. You can play true $10 single deck with downtown rules at GN. They usually have a $3 shoe game too.

My favorite place for just for fun BJ is the Pioneer. The DD usually is $3 and single deck $5, with DOA and DAS. Don't think you can resplit Aces anymore.

Drink service is good at both. Craps is fun at both too...Pioneer usually is $3/10x and GN $5/5x.

The other River joints fall in between.

The Edgewater has a fun $15 buy-in BJ tourney on Weds/Fri.

So where you think of staying? Try , the weekly magazine found in all the casinos for info.
Thanks for all of the info. I am not sure where we will stay. More then likely just the cheapest place that we can find. We only plan to crash in the room for a couple hours so the hotel is not a big deal to us. I do know basic strategy and hi-low card counting


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I was down there last week. The Bj at The Edgewater sucked. Used to be my favorite joint in Laughlin,but no longer.The buffet still is great,though.
Went to the lounges at The Riverside. Losers Lounge is a great honky-tonk type bar,while Lightning Strikes is a decent dance club.Good mix of 20-40 yearolds in both spots. The Hideaway Bar across from The Pioneer can be crazy or lame,all on the same nite.
I'd say its worth a day of your time.
Laughlin report

So I just got back from my side trip to laughlin. As you guys warned the rules at the MGM places were horrible. At the Belle the single and double deck games were 6:5, no double on splits, and double only 10 and 11. The rules at the pioneer were much better. However, the dealers would shuffle if a player bet a 3 unit spread. I had the most success at the ramada express across the street. Decent rules on double deck, and easily accepted 4 or 5 unit spreads. Thank you for all of you advice.