Microphones at the Tables?


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Hmmm. Can anyone verify that audio coverage might be available to surveillance in some casinos? I've never heard of this before.


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Over at the lowly Casino Arizona, they have some of their dealers wear microphones around their necks. I believe that is so they can keep tabs on the dealers and not the players.


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The Park Place Entertainment group of casinos do, so I would assume that many of the larger strip properties do as well.

"They [Paris casino surveillance] also have audio capability in the casino, but rarely use it because of the ambient noise. (You've Got Heat, p.47)"

Thanks again Barfarkel!



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I either read it, or saw it on the travel channel, but most casinos have audio survelance available for their tables. The only problem is, with all the noise in the casinos, they just can't hear well enough for it to be helpful.
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