Playing with a players card

Burnitdown said:
Are there any books that discuss playing with a players card. I realize this might be a dumb question because anonymous is better.
Why would you use a player card and voluntarily give them your real name etc?
Casinos no longer offer any comps that make it worth giving up your identity.
Not if you are trying to make any real money playing BJ.
If you just like feeling good that they gave you a "free" tank of gas, or steak dinner...then yeah I guess go ahead and give them your name.
Once they have your identity, they will share it with all nearby casinos and also put you in the worldwide databases.
After that...any casino in the world that uses the databases...if you come on their radar...all they need to do is look up your name and then back you off.
Doesn't make sense to me.
My approach is to never allow any casino to know my identity.
Ratholing and other techniques etc, makes up for it in my experience.
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