Potowatomi (MKE) Scanning Drivers Licenses

Discussion in 'Midwest USA' started by Gambler72K, Jan 12, 2018.

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    At my last trip to Potowatomi in Milwaukee last month (it happened to be my birthday) Security made EVERYONE entering the casino proper hand over their drivers license to be scanned. No entry otherwise. I asked why, the guard glumly replied, "We card everyone under 40. And happy birthday!" Uh-huh...

    I've been going there for many years, and this was a first. I've never been to a casino elsewhere in the US where you had to hand over your license to be scanned for admittance. Aside from privacy issues, it created a massive line (on a slow night). I don't know how they'll sustain this practice. Has anyone encountered this practice at other casinos?
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    More and more businesses are acquiring these license scanners and the potential for abuse can only increase. They don't need all the information on a license to determine one's age, yet they get it with one swipe. The problem here is that you don't know what they do with it. Do they store it for their own marketing? Do they share or sell it? It's a legitimate concern.

    Liquor stores, nightclubs, home improvement stores, Target, Safeway all scan. A casino near me scans licenses when a player's card is applied for. If they just want to determine if you are of age, hold your license in front of them so they can see your DOB. If that fails, you can always use your passport. They are accepted most everywhere.

    I think we can look forward to some legislation concerning this matter. I never ever hand anyone my license.
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    The passport is a great idea! I wasn't anticipating being carded (never have been in years) so it really took me off guard.

    What seemed even more odd is that it wasn't a "gun" type scanner, but rather a very small flatbed scanner that the license was placed on. I'm assuming this may have to do with facial recognition? As a previous dealer there, I know their game protocols, but surveillance was the "boogeyman" you didn't want to ask too many questions about...
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    Has this source been vetted? Did you buy from there?
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    I have not. Proceed at your own risk.
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    Thanks These sites are almost always scams

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