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  1. ascension

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    my guess is that with more decks their will be less frequency of positive counts...but what is the estimated frequency of positive counts i can expect for single deck, dd, 6d, 8d?? thanks, and can someone explain why this is...thanks guys.
  2. Friendo

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    For all numbers of decks and all balanced counts, the count is positive 50% of the time.
  3. ascension

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    let me rephrase my original question, if i am only playing at a count per deck equal/greater than +2 what is my expected frequency that this will occur per shoe/deck...thanks for timely response friendo.
  4. BrianCP

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    Check out the Freak Charts from this excerpt by Arnold Snyder.

    Remember that each time the true count increases by one, the player advantage increases by approximately .5%. According to this freak chart for 6 decks 75% dealt, 22/100 hands will be at or above a TC of +2.
  5. Sucker

    Sucker Well-Known Member

    This question cannot be answered without knowing the penetration.
  6. Sonny

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    Well, the TC will probably be zero around 40-45% of the time, but of the other 55-60% of the time the count will be positive around 50% (depending on whether you round/truncate/floor/etc.).

    It completely depends on the penetration. The deeper they cut, the more positive counts you will see. The charts in Blackjack Attack give the TC frequencies for most situations.

  7. ascension

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    thanks guys! i will check the charts out most definately when i get the chance, appreciate all the answers and insight :p
  8. Friendo

    Friendo Well-Known Member

    Can't remember the reason for this. It superficially seems to contradict the True Count Theorem, but, of course, it doesn't.

    I must crack open Blackjack Attack III tonight.
  9. ascension

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    i really need to get this book, i have (to date) only purchased professional blackjack by wong and though it has given me a lot of insight and started me in the right direction, i think it is time to broaden the horizon a little more and i've hurd nothing but good things about bja 3...thanks sonny.
  10. sagefr0g

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    the (info from Wong's book) image below may help:
    f% is the tc frequency percentages

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  11. ascension

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    so if i'm reading those charts correctly by arnold snyder in the link...if i use a 1-16 spread playing a avg. 6deck game with 4.5d pen using system 1 i can expect an hourly rate of 2.90 units, given i can play a hundred hands in an hour? this seems to good to be true....i found this a really interesting read so far briancp (thankyou!), interesting that in a 6d game with 4.5d pen house and player never have more than a 3.5% adv.
  12. tthree

    tthree Banned

    It doesn't say you will never have an advantage over 3.5%, only that it happens closer to 0% than .5%.

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