Read my ongoing experience at Pharaoh's single deck


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I've posted before about (Dead link: _Pharaoh's Casino_ single deck. As I indicated in one of those posts, I've planned to play that game for a few sessions and blog about the experience.

I've started that process today, with the first results available on the BlackjackInfo Blog. Come check it out and follow the ups and downs I get on the game.


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I checked out your blog and the site you are refering to. Definitely interesting.

They have listed all their previous winners including people who have won over 100k online. In your opinion, is this just advertising or do you know if this is true or not?

I know it can be done in landbased casinos because I've done it at 1k limit tables. Considering that the table limits are 1k at Pharoahs I can imagine that it may be possible. If it would they pay you?

Is there tax on that? I'm thinking of trying it out myself after reading more on your own experience but am still frankly not to sure about it.


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I'm sure the winners there are legitimate. However, all Boss Media casinos do have one item in their terms that would be a problem for winners like these.

All of the deposit and withdrawal transactions are handled by a company called WebDollar, which imposes a withdrawal limit on transactions. You're only allowed to withdraw $5000 above your deposited amount every 30 days. So, if you were to run up a $100K profit, it will take you 20 months to collect it all.

Having said that, this is a reputable place to play. It might take 20 months to collect your $100,000, but I'm confident you would get it.

Taxes? All income is taxable, whether it is reported to Uncle Sam or not. And, with online gambling, there's always a paper trail.

Well, I'm off to play today's hour. See ya on the Blog.
hi ken

i checked your site and its pretty intersting
anyway,i have a question to you
when i play casino games on the net like blackjack,roulette etc how can i know that the winners are now using any software against me?
i red an article about softwares who help players to win in this game and in black jack they can count the cards and make a pot over me..
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In blackjack, you're playing against the dealer, not the other players.
(Except of course in tournaments, like the multi-player tournaments at (Dead link: _Global Player_.)

So, you basically shouldn't care what the other players are doing. In many cases at online casinos, games are single-player anyway. And, with the few exceptions noted in other threads here, most online casinos shuffle after every hand making card counting useless anyway.
Interesting account Ken. I have kept my on-line gambling limited to poker so far but I may have to expand into some of my brick and mortar games. My only worry is that I might like it too much. As you said, it is too bad that your title wasn't something like " AWEEK of On-line Blackjack".


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You're telling me. Those last couple of days sure took a lot of the fun out of that experience. It would have been nice to cash in somewhere near my high point.
Howdy Ken ;)

When you played on line did you play continuously for the time you were on? or after so many loss's (or even after so many streaky win's/loss's ) did you log out wait a few mins then log back in as like to "Start a new shoe" so to speak, or do you not think it makes much different if your hiting a long losing streak to do that, Take care and be lucky with your battles at the green baize

Cheers :cool:



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With a game like the Pharaoh's single deck, they shuffle every hand, so there is no difference whether you leave the table after a hand or not. My one hour session each day was continuous, except on a few occasions where I had interruptions for some reason.