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Internet Blackjack Better than the Real Thing?

Blackjack has been the favorite choice of many gamblers throughout its wild and amazing history, dating all the way back to cowboys and settlements from that time. As its popularity grew, more and more casinos decided to widen their table games offer and eventually incorporated this 52-card-deck game into the portfolio, due to its relaxed rules and gameplay.

Nowadays, many modern casinos host live blackjack games, which seem to be available at any time, unlike some other table games like poker, baccarat or keno. Both land-based and online casinos try to compete with one another by offering perfect blackjack experience – however, due to regular changes in the rules, players can be misleading and instead of pursuing traditional 3:2 payouts, they end up paying 6:5. The number of such dice joints has increased, but thankfully, there is still a great deal of professional online casinos with exceptional blackjack rules and payment options.

Understanding the rules and developing strategies is the first step a player must do before playing for real money at the tables. Live games are an excellent choice, due to low costs and rather basic rules, which include good bonuses and low house edges. These terms are crucial for placing first bets and ensuring optimal gameplay.

Experiencing the comfort of playing 21 from home has a lot more pros than cons, and live tournaments, hot bonuses and perfecting the art of playing. Not only do players gain instant access to exclusive tips and game tactics, but also to other professional tricks that can be found under faqs and brief explanations – not to mention the advice exchange with other people on the spot. Beating the dealer without exceeding 21 has never been more challenging and adventurous than doing it online.

Should You Take Partial Insurance?

Article by Mike Anderson

I have clarified some things from the original posting, mainly that there are benefits to taking partial insurance although it’s not the optimal EV play.

In the game of black when the dealer has an Ace showing you have the options of placing an additional side bet of called the insurance bet.  It is usually signified by the dealer asking: Insurance anyone? And is no longer offered when the dealer says: Insurance is closed.  What you are betting on in the insurance bet is whether or not the dealer has a 10 as their hole card for a blackjack.  It pays of when the dealer has the natural.

This wager has a maximum bet of half the initial wager.  If your initial wager is 100 dollars then the maximum value of the insurance wager is $50.  The insurance wager has a payout of 2:1. This means that the $50 wager pays $100. When you win the insurance wager you lose the initial wager, so in most cases the cumulative wager for the round is a net push.  In cases where the player has a blackjack against a dealers Ace up card, taking insurance is also called even money.  This is where the player gets a return equal to that of their initial bet.  Even money is one option a player can take to reduce the variance that they may experience.  You are giving up some EV here but it will reduce the financial swings.

In the first paragraph I stated that the maximum insurance bet that a player can take is one-half of the original wager.  There is no rule that prohibits a player from placing a wager less than the maximum wager.  Doing this is known as taking partial insurance.  Partial insurance can be used as a hedge bet of sorts.  The benefit of taking partial insurance is to reduce the variance that a player will experience.  For anyone who has put any significant time in as an advantage gambler knows that the financial swings can be violent and can try the boundaries of your own sanity. So anything we can do to reduce these swings we take advantage of. It’s better for your bottom line, and even better for your mental state.

The foundation of partial insurance for blackjack can be applied to online casinos as well as land based casino.   In the online realm reducing variance is desirable because it allows you to prolong your free play offers that are used to lure players into playing.   An online casino will offer free play to new and returning players in place of the traditional RFB comps.  For instance 888casino is an exciting live casino with real dealers offering Live Roulette, Live Blackjack, Live Baccarat, Casino Hold’em, Three Card Poker and Caribbean Stud Poker, and they have huge selection of tables for each game. Some signup bonuses are specific to certain games while others can be used on every game the casino offers. Depending on how often you play and the wagering amount the promotional offers will vary.  When you get these offers from online casinos there are restrictions before you can withdraw the amount. The player has to play a certain number of rounds before withdrawing funds. When playing the minimum number of rounds you want to reduce the variance that you will experience during this short term play so you get the most return on the free play.  Taking partial insurance is a good way to do that.  You reduce the chances of winning more money but you also reduce the chances of losing all of the free play money.

The mathematically optimal way to play the insurance bet is bet it when the number for the given count is reach.  The index numbers provided are dependent on the card counting system being used.  Taking partial insurance reduces the EV that can be expected but it also reduces the variance.  One of the most efficient counting systems is the Uston APC count.   And it is the count that I will be using to apply the partial insurance index numbers to.  The values assigned to each card for the Uston APC count is in the table below.

Table 1- Uston APC Values

Card Value
2 1
3 2
4 2
5 3
6 2
7 2
8 1
9 -1
10 -3
Jack -3
Queen -3
King -3
Ace 0


The values are added up to determine the running count and then normalized to a ½ deck resolution.  For example if there is running count of +15 and 1 ½ decks remaining the true count is 5.  15 divided by 3 equals 5.  Also it should be noted that a side count of Aces is kept to help determine the betting amounts.  It is not kept to determine the playing options of hitting, standing or doubling or splitting.  Aces have a value of +3 for each Ace that the ½ deck segment is rich and -3 for each ½ deck segment is poor.  The base line is 2 Aces per ½ deck.

The table below lists the % of full insurance that is to be taken against various hands that a player can have.

Hand(s)   None 25% 50% 75% Full
BJ & Any 20   > 0.5 1 < 1.5 1.75 2
Any 19, AA, Hard 11, Hard 10   1 1.5 1.75 2 2.5
Hard 8-9, Any 18, A2-A6   < 1.5 1.75 2 2.5 2.75
Hard 4-12, & 8,8      1.5 > 1.75 2.25 2.5 3
Hard 13-16   > 1.5 2 > 2.25 2.75 3


Take the indicated % insurance at the appropriate Index #.  > indicates slightly above INDEX #; < indicates slightly below the INDEX #. The index numbers essentially determine the remaining composition of the cards yet to be played.  The remaining composition of cards to be played is the basis for gaining an advantage over the house.

Taking partial insurance should be taken to reduce the variance a player may encounter during play. But it will also reduce the maximum EV.   This helps reduce emotional swings as well as bank roll swings a player will encounter.  This also will add to the confusion of the surveillance crew as they try to evaluate your play to see if you are an advantage player.  It will require a little bit of work to implement but it is well worth the effort for a better mental state and increased longevity.

Special thanks to casino gaming expert Nicholas G. Colon for his review and comments on this piece.

Also to LV BEAR and ZIPPY for helping me clarify my insights


Ed Thorp and Max Rubin’s 21st Blackjack Ball

Every year in late January, the most elite professional gamblers in the world gather to attend the super secretive Blackjack Ball.  The gala is hosted by long time organizer and advantage gaming legend Max Rubin.  Max spends countless hours in preparation; creating a magnificent soirée so that this profession’s elite can have a fantastic evening.  And every year Max’s efforts do not disappoint.

The evening starts with drinks and hors d’oeuvres and this gives the guests-many whom have known each other and played together, to converse and about the past years happenings.  Players in the caliber of Bill Benter, James Grosjean and illusive sports better Zeljko Ranogaje are all in attendance.  And this year world class poker icon Phil Ivey even made an appearance. Many of these players have known each other for decade’s and way before their success lead to international recognition.  The Blackjack Ball brings together exceptionally talented people with extraordinary abilities.  This reiterates the idea that great success in one field will lead to great success in another field.

After dinner, voting for the 2017 Blackjack Hall of fame inductee commenced.  To no one’s great surprise Don Johnson was voted in to one of the most exclusive groups in all of gaming, the Blackjack Hall of Fame.  Don is arguably the most famous blackjack player in the world. And his exploits reached legendary status when several years ago he whacked a few Atlantic City casinos for $15 million over a few week period while utilizing there loss rebate programs.  This historic win elevated Don to the top tier of advantage players, prompting all who learned about it to ask what would a person do with such a large win?

Next, the chore of crowning the 2017 world’s greatest blackjack player commenced.  A series of 21 questions are given to the field of attendees.  They are a combination of gaming probability theory questions and general gaming knowledge questions, and they are tough.  The top 5 high scores proceed to the final table where a skills test determines the ultimate winner.  The 2017 Grojean Cup winner took the form of a 15 liter bottle of Luc Belaire Rare Rose Champagne and was awarded to Anthony Curtis, publisher and owner of the Las Vegas Advisor website and owner of the Huntington Press publishing house, the largest publisher in casino gaming related books in the world.  Anthony is also the proprietor of the Gambling with an Edge website.  It was fitting considering that Curtis has taken 2nd Place in 6 of the 20 previous competitions.

Anthony Curtis at the Ultimate Blackjack Tournament photo courtesy Anthony Curtis
Anthony Curtis with the 2017 Grosjean Cup
Close up of the 2016 Grosjean Cup

The 2017 Ball orbited largely around arguably the most influential man in advantage gaming, Edward O. Thorp. In 1962 Thorp published the classic text Beat the Dealer. It was the first book made widely available to the public that showed a firm mathematical approach to beating the game of 21. After this Thorp went on to make noteworthy contributions in Stock Market Analysis, where his original research helped launch the derivatives market.

Ed Thorp in 2015, photo courtesy of Ed Thorp
Ed Thorp at the 2017 Blackjack Ball photo courtesy of Nicholas Colon

In his new book A Man For All Markets, Thorp discusses his whirlwind life and gives a full and complete answer to the question: How did you do it? It’s a must read for anyone who wants a look into the mind of an out of the box thinker who has made a significant impact on the world in so many areas.  Prior to the ball I was able to sit down with Thorp and ask him a few questions.

The importance of Thorps contributions can’t be ignored.  And his original thesis provided the foundation for much of the work that followed. Mike Shackelford the quintessential gaming probability authority and the chief mathematical consultant for Latest Casino Bonuses  and he stated:

“It would be hard to understate the impact Ed Thorp had on the game of blackjack. He was the first to publish both a basic strategy to a wide audience, to get the odds almost break even, and how to beat the game by card counting. His book Beat the Dealer will go down as in history as the quintessential book that changed the game the game.“

The black tie setting of the Blackjack ball is only one-half of the weekend events.  The second part is the after party held at the home of Blackjack hall of famer Richard Munchkin. Food, fun and friends come together on the Sunday after the Blackjack ball to discuss game strategy, new tactics and techniques and most importantly to trade war stories of this unique profession. The Munchkin after-party extends the opportunity for this elite field of players, all of whom are usually spread out all over world to get together and share stories of the last years exploits.

by Nicholas G. Colon

LV Bear joins

Hello, everyone. Ken Smith is a long-time friend, who ran a great website.  I wish Ken the best in his future pursuits. I’m honored to join Joshua’s new management team here.   When Josh asked if I’d be interested in helping after he recently purchased the site, I gladly accepted the opportunity.

For those who don’t know me, I am a Las Vegas-based advantage player.  Ken interviewed me nearly ten years ago (it’s hard to believe so much time has passed); that interview can be found here.  It will answer most questions you may have about me.

I am now closer to full retirement. My playing time and travel is significantly reduced. But I still prowl the casinos, and hope I can be useful here.

For those who do not know Josh, here’s what he told Stanford Wong after his purchase earlier this year of my usual online home,

As the one purchasing, let me introduce myself. My name is Joshua Chan. In 2006 I was an advantage player, focusing on exploiting Internet casinos bonuses. With my knowledge of the Internet gambling scene, in 2006 I established (LCB).

LCB is a casino-information site that features casino news and editorials, no-deposit bonuses, casino reviews, software reviews, slot reviews, and free casino games. There is a members’ forum where players share promotions, bonuses, tips and winning stories. The library of gambling information is one of the most extensive in the industry. LCB has monthly contests that award prizes. The number of registered LCB memberships should surpass 100,000 in 2016.

After that, I acquired sites devoted to blackjack, sports, bingo and poker. In 2014 I bought the Wizard of Odds and Wizard of Vegas from Michael Shackleford.

As a former advantage player, I’m proud to own I think it will fit well into my portfolio of web sites devoted to player advocacy.

Privacy is at the top of my list of priorities, and any information regarding members and memberships is never shared or sold to third parties. That privacy policy will of course apply to In no way will anyone’s personal information be disclosed; that includes to casino management, surveillance agencies and the like. We heard concerns from the members of when we purchased that site; but as they have witnessed, we have met all their privacy and confidentiality expectations.

The main changes we made to those sites is adding side bar ads and enhancing the site to make it more user and mobile friendly. We anticipate making similar changes to BJ21 while keeping the goal of the site the same. …

I look forward to my time here, as well as continuing to contribute to Interviews Ken Smith

Known for being an established authority in providing transparency within the gaming community, recently sat down with Ken Smith for an in depth insight into his prestigious blackjack expertise.

The article includes details of Ken’s background, his first experiences in playing blackjack, tournament advice, his future plans and more.

As Ken was the founder and creator of, it is an intriguing article I highly recommend all blackjack enthusiasts read.

Interview with Ken Smith of

Huge Portion of My Gambling Library Up For Auction

Update: The books have been sold.

Gambling has been very good to me. It has allowed me the freedom to work when I want, and live exactly the lifestyle I want. I have been doing this for many years now, so it is no surprise that I own a lot of books about gambling.

Late this summer, my family and I are moving from Mississippi to Texas, and we are busy dealing with all of the stuff we have accumulated in the 16 years since I last moved. And much of my gambling library is not going with me this time. I am starting to cut back on work, and plan to instead spend more time enjoying the fruits of my labors instead.

As a result, I have listed a large collection of blackjack and gambling books on eBay. The listing includes more than 80 book titles plus 4 DVDs.

For blackjack players, you’ll find the seminal works from Wong, Snyder, Schlesinger, and many others.
There are also books about the mathematics of gambling, and lots of other topics.

This is a huge gambler’s library at a big discount.

Have a look at the complete list of books, and make a bid if you are interested:

See the collection of 80+ books from Ken’s gambling library at eBay.

Book Auction

Click here to visit the auction page.

What are the Odds of Losing 6 Hands in a Row?

Among emails I receive, a fairly common question is something like this:

Can you tell me the odds of losing six hands in a row at blackjack?

Sometimes it is 5 hands, sometimes 8, sometimes more.  No matter, I cringe whenever I get this question.

To me, it’s like an airship designer asking a chemist: “Does hydrogen weigh only half as much as helium?”   We all know how THAT turned out.

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Why Does The Number of Decks Matter in Blackjack?

Fewer Decks are Better. Do You Know Why?

When it comes to the number of decks in a blackjack game, the fewer the better. Most players have heard this fact somewhere along the line, but many of them don’t know why fewer is better.

I often get this question by email, where players will note that the proportion of each rank of card is the same whether the casino uses a single deck or shuffles six decks together. Regardless of how many decks are in play, we start out with one thirteenth of the cards being Aces…

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The State of Blackjack – Opportunity Amidst the Apocalypse?

A Tale of Two Cities
Charles Dickens may as well have been describing recent developments in casino blackjack…

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”

Rules and conditions at casino blackjack tables have been steadily declining for years, and there are a lot of really bad games out there.

6:5 Has Spread Far and Wide

I just tallied up the games offered in Las Vegas, based on the latest issue of Current Blackjack News. A depressing 40% of the regular blackjack tables in Las Vegas now pay only 6:5 for blackjack.

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