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I'm your host Ken Smith, and my goal is to improve your results at blackjack, with clear and accurate information about the game.

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  • Luis on Blackjack Strategy Trainer:

    Ken, Will improve the question. I have 20k and the casino still me the 10% commission on the deposit , plus expenses …

  • Luis on Blackjack Strategy Trainer:

    Ken, I found the following game: Dealer Stands on Soft 17; Double any card; Double after split Ok; Later Surrender; Ofter insurance on dealer Ace; 8 Decks; penetration …

  • Ken Smith on Blackjack Strategy Trainer:

    I'm not sure of the specific spot where I discouraged play at less than 75% penetration, but it really depends …

  • Ken Smith on Lesson 8 – Money Management – Part 2:

    By far the easiest way to get definitive answers for these kinds of questions is to use sim results. …

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