The Ins and Outs of Tipping Your Blackjack Dealer


Tipping is a form of communication in the service industry, especially if you are in the US. Here, people working at any service capacity normally get minimum or low-average wagers, and tend to depend on their tips for a boost in income.

Considering casinos…

…in all the shapes and forms they are available nowadays, also belong to the entertainment service category. A glance across the casino floor will reveal a number of workers – servers, dealers, doormen, bartenders, waiters and more – all working to leave their customers feeling agreeable, and get something for it.

Still, considering that we all ultimately head to the casino for a game or two at our favorite blackjack table, tips on tipping your dealer are bound to be of most use. When and how, and most importantly, how much is appropriate for players to tip their dealer, and still end up with an edge over the casino can turn out to be a strategy all in itself. And for anyone thinking that it’s too much trouble for a simple tip, experienced players and regulars will tell you that it’s even more troublesome playing with a grumpy dealer or getting looks from the casino patrons.

#1 – To Tip or Not to Tip?

Whether or not you decide to tip should always be your decision. No one can head at and make the choice for you, even when it’s out of their top casino rankings; it’s the same with tipping.

After all, blackjack players can differ drastically…

…from your regular player that some dealers might even know by their first name, through occasional ones, all the way to one-time goers looking simply to experience the thrill of the floor as a check on their bucket list. Hence, it is only natural that not all of these will be equally inclined to tip, regardless of whether or not it is considered the standard practice. Just do as you please, and should you decide to tip, read on and find out how.

#2 – How to Tip the Dealer?

Most players will tell you that tipping the dealer early on (if they’ve deserved it, of course) will earn you even better treatment further in the game. As for the best way to do it, you should always sway towards the one you are more comfortable with.

Some players often tip by simply handing the player a chip or cash right after the hand has ended. In such cases, you may hand it over to the dealer and get the message across without saying anything; however, if you think that there might be even the slightest mix-up, it is mostly better to add something. If you want to give the dealer a tip, saying “This is for you” should do the trick, while, if you’re looking to make some kind of bet, start off with “I bet X amount of money…”

Still, there are other players that tip their dealers in a different fashion – by betting for them. The dealer, as it is known, is strictly forbidden from any games on the floor, let alone their specific blackjack table. So, the player often places the dealer’s tip as a wager, just like they do with their own. The only requirement is that dealer’s bet is at least the minimum for the table; otherwise, players can choose whether to place this bet next to theirs, or on top of their own. In the former case, if the bet wins, the dealer will get both the wager amount and the payout, while in the latter, your blackjack dealer will make due with the payout solely. In such cases, the player normally leaves the original bet amount to ride into the next hand.

The best thing you could do…

…considering you aren’t too shy, is asking the dealer at your blackjack table how they would like to be tipped. It is considerate and is bound to put the dealer in a good mood, now that they know to expect some form of gratitude if they provide quality service.

#3 – When to Tip?

Players, especially those that have less experience with tipping in general, will have some trouble deciding when to tip their dealer. Since it isn’t a standard tip at the end of the meal in a restaurant, some may think that tipping is done at the end of each hand. Others, however, normally distribute their tips between 5 or 10 hands, or pick a different pattern. Most of the time, your blackjack dealer will only expect a tip if they have dealt you a nice winning hand, or if you’ve been on the roll for quite some time. So, don’t be stingy when Lady Luck is on your side, of course, only if you feel like it.

#4 – How Much Should I Tip the Blackjack Dealer?

Now that you got this far in your decision-making process, all you have to do is ask yourself how much you feel comfortable paying for a quality service. After all, the casino always has the upper hand and even if you ‘bleed them dry’, the establishment will still have enough to give its workers their monthly wage. However, considering the fact that this is not about the whole casino, but the experience and value of your dealer’s service, always go with what you’re comfortable with.

If you still need some guidelines, other players will mostly tell you that those betting within the $5 to $10 range can keep their tips down to a couple of bucks ($2-$3). As for players going as high as $25 per hand, it is expected that they could also spare some more for tips, up to $5 per say. However, no one is to say what the right amount is, and you shouldn’t feel obliged to comply with any of it.

#5 – What about the Live Dealer at the Live Blackjack Tables?

The best casinos and gameplay options are sheer proof of all the advantages offered to online players by their respective operators. Aside from the top generous bonuses, free spins and dedicated casino sites, online casino players have recently been blessed with one more benefit – the convenience of live casino gameplay, straight from their desktop or mobile screens.

These live dealer blackjack tables can be a real riddle for players that don’t how or if they should try and tip their dealer. After all, you can see them but they can’t see you. Still, most live dealer casino software nowadays comes with a chat feature, so if you feel like tipping your dealer, just make a bet or pass them some chips, and inform them through the chat window that it’s for them. Most live dealer casinos allow for this, so you won’t need to consult a rulebook beforehand. Even if they don’t the dealer is most likely to inform you of the practice.

All in all, if there is will, you can definitely find a way to thank your dealer for their service and contribution to your overall blackjack gameplay experience.