Blackjack Strategy Cards, Basic and Advanced

We offer two different sets of the highest quality blackjack strategy cards. Our Blackjack Basic Strategy Cards provide perfectly optimized basic strategies for all the common rule variations, while our Blackjack Advanced Strategy Cards add optimal Hi-Lo card counting index numbers as well.


Blackjack Basic Strategy Cards:

Set of Six Blackjack Strategy Cards

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This set of six wallet-size cards shows the optimal basic strategy for each of these games:

Each card features perfect basic strategy from, and is made of solid durable plastic. The cards are credit-card sized to fit easily in your wallet.

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Blackjack Advanced Strategy Cards:

Blackjack Advanced Strategy Cards

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This set of twelve pocket-size cards includes the same perfect basic strategies as the basic set, but then adds the Hi-Lo card counting system index numbers from -5 to +5.

For each game, the set includes two different plastic cards. One card shows the Hi-Lo index numbers printed as small numbers in the corner of the decision square. A second “stealth” version of each card encodes the index numbers using a series of small black dots.

Each card is pocket-sized and made of solid durable plastic.

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4 comments on “Blackjack Strategy Cards, Basic and Advanced

  • Purchased your Advanced BJ strategy cards. I have seen several people bring a casino version as an “allowed” cheat sheet to play basic strategy at the tables. Even got into a “fun” argument with someone who said I played a basic decision incorrectly based upon their card. I told him I had not and he should check again. He pulled it out and “lo and behold’ I was right……..LOL Amazing how confusing to many A-7 is, right?

    In any event, round about way to get to use of your Advanced cards (stealth mode) in casino. I have them; been tempted to use them at tables but seem to chicken out to actually pulling them out to use. Illustrious 18 I have memorized pretty much. Have you received any feedback from players on them yet? I want to play “dumb” but not THAT dumb at the tables. Would hate for them to confiscate my card………..haha. But it does concern me if a pit boss were to ask me for my card and I had to show it to him. Your suggestions?

    • You asked if I had feedback from players on this issue, and actually, I have not. I need to start asking around, and see what players are experiencing with it.

      It will likely end up depending on the venue a lot. There are some places I play where I would not consider pulling out a card, and yet there are others pits where I would feel completely comfortable.

      Since you have memorized the Illustrious 18, you are getting 80-90% of the value already without the card actually in hand. You have likely also developed some feel for the decisions that are not among the 18, but are marginal. With that in mind, you may find only one or two hands per hour where you would want to look at the card.

      I completely understand the quandary, and I would love to hear your thoughts afterward if you use it.

      Even if the pit actually looks at the card, there is a good chance they would not notice the dots. Worst case, if I found myself confronted with a pit person asking about the dots, I would tell him the dots tell me which hands it’s safe to play on a hunch if I don’t want to follow the advice. It’s just goofy enough to maybe work, and there’s a little truth behind it.

  • Francisco said:

    Do you have any information on how to beat California Blackjack? Such as when to bank the game?

    • Many years ago I was hired by one of the banking teams to calculate the optimal strategy and return for California Blackjack.
      However I don’t even know if I still have the report, and more importantly, I bet the game’s rules are no longer exactly the same.

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