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At BlackjackInfo, we strive to use the “Golden Rule” principle to guide our usage of any data that you provide to us.

That is, we treat your information with the same security and vigilance that we would expect ourselves.  In today’s Internet environment some use of visitor information is necessary, so here is the breakdown of what we do with information that you may provide to us.

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Activity Logging

Like all websites, each visitor’s interaction with this site creates a flurry of entries in our server’s log files.  These logs include the date and time of your visit, the IP address from which you are visiting, and any details about your computer or browser that are provided by your browser.  These access details do not include personally identifiable information, though if you choose to provide such information through your interaction, it would be possible to connect a visit with a particular user.  This is not a normal usage of the logs, but we may do so in the event of fraud or malicious activity.

Google Analytics

Like the vast majority of websites, this site uses Google Analytics to keep track of how users are finding and utilizing our site.  Google Analytics uses “cookies,” which are text files placed on your computer, to collect log information and visitor behavior in an anonymous form. The information generated by the cookie about your use of the website is transmitted to Google.  This information is then used to compile reports on the usage of the website.  Google’s terms of use for the data it gathers can be found at

You can choose to accept or decline cookies. Most Web browsers automatically default to accept them, but you can modify your browser setting to decline cookies. If you reject cookies by changing your browser settings please be aware that this may disable some of the functionality on our Website.

Our Use of Cookies

Speaking of “cookies”, we may use them on this site for a variety of reasons to facilitate the functioning of the site.  We do not use them to track your visits for any other purpose.  Examples of cookie usage are things like remembering your login details, or managing the entry of a store order.

Advertiser Relationships

We may display advertising to visitors to this site, and in some cases the advertising images may originate directly from our advertising partners.  Those advertisers are able to see the usual Internet log information for those requests, which includes typical anonymous log file information.  No personally identifiable information is made available through our site to our advertisers, but any browser settings on your computer that affect the data sent with each request will of course be applicable.  This typically includes cookies, user-agent information, and software version information.

Affiliate Relationships

Some of our advertising relationships are affiliate partnerships, which reward publishers on a commission basis for business that is a result of the ads on the website.  In each case, if you choose to do business with an advertiser that is featured on our site, the business itself will have a privacy policy that governs their use of your information.  These policies vary widely.  In many cases these policies will allow a business to share summary details of transactions with their advertising partners.  While this information does not usually include personally identifiable details, the actual limits on what may be available is subject to the advertiser’s privacy policy, which you can find on their website.  In any event, we will not utilize any information made available to us in a way that violates our “Golden Rule” policy.

A Final Word

What a lot of fine print, right?!  That’s just the world we live in these days.

For many years, we used a simple “No-Nonsense” privacy policy that fit in just a few lines.  Our intent has never changed, but the requirements to mention all these details has.

Just to be clear, we want to treat your data with the care that it deserves, and guard it in every way we can.

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