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Henry Tamburin
Henry Tamburin

Both BJ software are very good training tools. I’m impartial to Deepnet software though because that’s what the developer of Speed Count and I used to optimize Speed Count. (Dan Pronovost) is the developer of Deepnet software and Speed Count.) I’ve personally used Dan’s Professional software bundle to do my own risk of ruin calculations, bankroll calculations, and blackjack simulator (playing millions of hands of BJ.) I also use the software when I teach Speed Count (and Hi Lo), specifically the basic strategy drills, the counting drills, and the simulator to show the affect of penetration and playing rules on… Read more »


Hi there – how would you rate Casino Verite software versus DeepNet Technologies’ Professional Blackjack Bundle for Windows?

I’m down to the two and wondering if you have experience with the other to shed some light on it?


tom vine
tom vine

I enjoy use of this site and have found it very helpful. with what i have learned from the site i have no concern at sitting at casino table. Could u tell me whether the random number generator closely compares to real life black jack. In using the trainer i seem to have a lot of even sessions ie wins and losses are very close in number.

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