Free Blackjack Combinatorial Analyzer

Update:The code for this software is now open-sourced and can be found here

BlackjackInfo community member MGP has kindly released his blackjack combinatorial analyzer software for Windows as freeware.

Download the zip file here: (7.6 MB).

The software license grants free usage for private, non-commercial use.

Unzip the downloaded file and run the included Setup.exe file. The software requires Microsoft Windows XP or later.

It also requires the .Net framework version 1.1. This is almost certainly an older version of .Net than you already have, so you will need to install that package as well.

You can find version 1.1 at .Net Framework v1.1 Redistributable Package (23 MB).

Thanks MGP for an exceptional program!

Screenshots (click to enlarge):
BJCA Main Screen

BJCA Results

BJCA Strategy

What is Combinatorial Analysis?

Combinatorial Analysis is an algorithmic method of determining the number of different ways of arranging things. As applied to the game of blackjack, this is a four step process:

This is a completely deterministic process. There is no simulation or Monte Carlo random selection at work here. Instead, this is a brute-force examination of every possible ordering of cards off the shuffled deck.

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Philippe B

Since a recent windows 10/64 bits update program seem to crash immediately and silently.
Fine on Windows 10/32 bits.

Arun Rokaya

I don’t understand why people go through such clumsy and hectic mathematics and software when it comes to gambling. For me gambling is just a fun where you want to win but not earn knowing the expected loss you are willing to bear. It is sophisticated math when we talk about probability. When something is uncertain just enjoy the uncertainty. DOn’t bother with it anymore.


Hey it doesn’t work with version 1.1 Net


Doesn’t work with current version of .NET

Tim Brown

Does anyone know the variance on a 6 deck shoe no surrender dealer hits soft 17 if I play pure Bs? How man units if I am flat betting? I am in a 50 unit slump. Help! Thanks


I play 6 deck. I use 20 units on a table at once (1 table amount). You should have 20 table amounts to make a bank roll. When flat betting only use 1 unit. You should have a minimum of 1 to 6 chip spread. Play your game like a computer and only reflect after 10 casino sessions. You may be in a normal pull back that is associated with only 1%-2% advantage. Hang in there my friend!!!

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