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  • Jimmy Dime, card counters, lawsuits and more

    Ken Smith   |    November 22, 2004

    An article in today’s Las Vegas Sun starts out talking about Jimmy Pine, aka “Young Jimmy Dime” who was a participant in the recent World Series of Blackjack’s second season. The story goes on to cover a laundry list of blackjack topics: Card counters, backrooming, lawsuits, and of course a few bits of WSOB2.

  • Imperial Palace forced to pay up: $400K to detained advantage player

    Ken Smith   |    November 6, 2004

    My recent post about a $99,999 judgement against Imperial Palace casino in Las Vegas included only the actual damages awarded in the case. Since then, the case has returned to the courtroom where the jury awarded an additional $500,000 in punitive damages. Law caps the punitive damages in this case to $300,000, so the plaintiff […]

  • LV Review Journal: Are gamblers being fleeced?

    Ken Smith   |    October 25, 2004

    An editorial in Saturday’s Las Vegas Review Journal references the suit I mentioned a few days ago, and features this telling quote: “The gaming industry’s viability — and the state’s economy — hinge on the premise that gamblers get a fair shake. Even the slightest hint that fancy shufflers and other glittering casino technologies can […]

  • What is the "Rule of 6"?

    Ken Smith   |    October 22, 2004

    I recently got this question via email: “What is the rule of 6?” Casinos that deal single-deck blackjack often instruct their dealers to use the “rule of 6” to decide when to shuffle. This means that the number of players plus the number of rounds between shuffles should add up to 6. If there are […]

  • Attorney sues casinos for using card counting systems

    Ken Smith   |    October 19, 2004

    Las Vegas attorney Bob Nersesian has filed suit on behalf of a gambler at a casino in Reno, NV, seeking to stop the casino from using the automated MindPlay blackjack table for a practice known as ‘preferential shuffling’. That’s when the casino shuffles away any player-favorable situations. The suit alleges that the casino used an […]