What is the "Rule of 6"?


I recently got this question via email: “What is the rule of 6?”

Casinos that deal single-deck blackjack often instruct their dealers to use the “rule of 6” to decide when to shuffle. This means that the number of players plus the number of rounds between shuffles should add up to 6. If there are 5 or more players at the table, you’ll get one round and then a shuffle. (Ick.) Four players get two rounds, Three players get three rounds, Two players get four rounds, and a single player heads-up will get 5 hands between shuffles.

So, now you know.

4 comments on "What is the "Rule of 6"?"

  • Perla Chavez said:

    what does “it deals to the rule of six” mean? I am translating a paper and I don´t know how to put it in Spanish.
    Thank you in advance.

    • Author Ken Smith replied:

      Just as the post above says… The number of spots in play, plus the number of rounds dealt, equals six. If three spots are in play, they will be dealt three hands between shuffles. If there are four spots in play, they will get two hands between shuffles.

    • Oops! You’re right of course. Thanks Lone Ranger for the correction. I’ve fixed the post now, so it correctly says that one player gets 5 rounds.

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