Spam deleted, and posters banned


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Looks like it is time to restate the obvious from the posting guidelines:
  • Unsolicited ads or spam will be deleted.
  • Posts that mention other sites within the blackjack community are fine. I want this site to be a part of the overall community, so if there is an interesting post on another message board, feel free to mention it and link to it. However, this is not an invitation to spam the board with links to your own site without having something of value to contribute.
  • If a user posts messages without meaningful content, it's often because they simply want the links in their signature to be spotted by the search engines. If that appears to be the case, the messages will be removed.
Today I deleted several posts and banned several users. Hopefully we can keep this a relatively spam-free zone.


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The forum you have provided for us is top notch Ken. A shame some people try to take advantage of it. I for one really appreciate what you are doing for the Blackjack community...both tournament players and weekend warriors.


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What Mike said!

I just hope that the few do not ruin it for the rest of us in the long run. I have seen good fourms suffer miserable deaths due to a few bad seeds.

Thanks for your time and effort Ken!