Suggestion for Location Forums

We should start a user-postable (but moderated) sticky in all of the "location" forums below to the effect of "Things to know before leaving home".

Amusing Personal Story:
(Three Weeks Ago)
Having lived in Jersey our entire lives, my g/f and I watched Oceans 11/12 back-2-back and then left for our first trip to AC; taking only our best clothes along. Any one who has ever been will already realize this is not only not a good idea, it's a really really bad one.

We quickly hit the boardwalk; her sporting a new hot-pink Coach purse, against our black leather jackets and all around NYC-look. While we got lucky, it turns out THIS IS A FORMULA FOR DISASTER. It took us three days to figure out why we were attracting every bum and hustler in a 5-mile radius...
Ironically we were usually carrying no more than $10 of cash.

Needless to say i was soon wishing for the urban-camo and non-discript hoody my Grand-Theft-Auto character is dressed in. Things to know before leaving home...