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Discussion in 'Site Announcements and Administrative Issues' started by Blitzkrieg, Jul 30, 2017.

  1. Blitzkrieg

    Blitzkrieg New Member

    Who was the idiot who took out the older faster version of the blackjack game they had here and replaced it with the newer slower version???

    Change it back!!!
  2. sagefr0g

    sagefr0g Well-Known Member

    there is a setting to speed the play up a bit
  3. Blitzkrieg

    Blitzkrieg New Member

    Even if you adjust the setting to quick play, it's still slower than the "older version." Only a degenerate would replace a faster game with a slower one.
  4. Tum

    Tum Administrator

    Yes the newer one is slower but it's there for mobile users (since flash doesn't load on mobile)

    I can look into loading the old version for desktop users and the new one for mobile users separately.

    Not sure why you have to resort to using insults for a free game that you don't have to pay for.
  5. xengrifter

    xengrifter Well-Known Member

    Yes please.
    Blitz, Tum is our special web-master par excellence! He is always on point for us here.
    Tum, Blitz is our highest achiever ever on the old-fast version.
  6. I wasn't here for the old version but if it's faster then please give it t0 us haha.
    Also, how do I open my own new forum thread?
  7. gronbog

    gronbog Well-Known Member

    Go to the forum that you want to start the thread in. The "Post New Thread" button is at the top right of the page.

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