Tunica games?

Discussion in 'Southern USA' started by NchooseK, Jun 14, 2010.

  1. NchooseK

    NchooseK Active Member

    Has anyone been to Tunica lately or familiar with the BJ games there? I might be heading to Harrahs / Horseshoe / Roadhouse. I like shoes game like 4 or 6 decks. What are the rules/pen at those games? Is there really any heat for 1-8 or 1-10 spreads for red chippers there?

    Thanks for the help!
  2. deltaduke

    deltaduke Member

    Tunica for red chippers

    At the Roadhouse, you will probably only find 3 tables open: 1 50% pen DD, 1 6-5 Single deck, and 1 8 deck shoe. Possibly there will be a $3 8 deck shoe game paying 6-5. Not a blackjack casino. All red chip games at the Horseshoe will be 8 deck 3-2. You won't get much heat in these games. Haven't been to Harrah's, but I think it is the same as Horseshoe. there are no 4 deck shoes any where in Tunica.
  3. vegas21

    vegas21 Member


    Just got back - Tunica games have gone down hill since I was there last year, poor pen, bj w/:vomit: 3 card poker everywhere (which means csm's), and 6/5 is spreading like Paris Hilton's legs :vomit: - more details to follow later. On the bright side, I tried the Range at Roadhouse and it was pretty good.
  4. oicurafish2

    oicurafish2 Member


    I rarely play in any of the places you mentioned. I usually spread 1-20 in some of the other places on double deck games with red chips and haven't had any trouble yet. Most games in Tunica are pitch, with all I've seen being hit hard 17. Seems like most of the shoe games have 8 decks.
  5. vegas21

    vegas21 Member


    From a trip during the week

    Hollywood = shoe games (das, rsa, h17, $5 min, do not recall decks or pen) and 3 bj w/ 3 card poker (w/csm's) no DD

    Fitz = no shoes, 1 bj w/ 3 card poker (w/csm), all others were DD (das, rsa, h17, $5 min, 50% pen) was told SD would open by request, $50 min, not sure about other rules. Heard checks play called when going from 1 to 8 on DD

    Roadhouse = 6 or 8 deck shoes (das, rsa, h17, $5 min, pen 65%), DD was both 6/5 and 3/2 with das, rsa, h17, $5 min. Also had bj w/ 3 card poker (w/csm).

    None of the above offered SD (except Fitz by request). Saw many plopps get comped food at Fitz after playing 2 or 3 shuffles (bought in for $20 to $40 each)

    Games appear to have gone down hill due to pen compared to 6 months ago. Did not visit other places. Good Luck
  6. NchooseK

    NchooseK Active Member

    yikes that sounds bad. Thanks for the info.
  7. deltaduke

    deltaduke Member

    asm's not csm's

    A minor point. I think vegas21 means automatic shuffling machines instead of continuous shuffling machines. I don't think there are any csm's in tunica.
  8. moo321

    moo321 Well-Known Member

    Shoes are crap in Tunica. Play the double deck.
  9. rlg

    rlg Member

    Just returned yesterday from trip to Tunica.

    Harrah's: has 4 or 5 DD tables at $25--3/2--H17---did not play this.
    has several multideck shoe games at $5---H17--3/2--RSA to 4.

    Roadhouse: had 2 tables open for DD at $10--H17--50% cut---3/2--DAS.
    I think SD was 6/5 at one table---did not play.

    Only places I played.

    Horseshoe had DD at $15 and $25 min--3/2--DAS--not sure about pen

    I hope this helps
  10. Hmmm

    Tunica sucks,,,it does appear.:(

  11. rob38017

    rob38017 New Member

    I play regularly at Gold Strike in tunica where the shoe games are 6 decks. There is always one or two $5 tables available. They hit 17, allow DAS and pay 3:2 on BJ. You can find DD games beginning around $25. Comps are usually pretty easy to come by. Not great, but good for entertainment.

    Sam's Town has 8 deck shoe games with the same rules except that you can only split aces once. Everything else is the same and comps are easy there as well.
  12. NchooseK

    NchooseK Active Member

    How is the pen at those 2 places?
  13. moo321

    moo321 Well-Known Member

    I don't think the pen is anything worth going out of your way, considering H17. If you're travelling, Vegas, and other places in the south have far better shoes games. PM me.
  14. vegas21

    vegas21 Member


    No, CMS's are in Tunica - esp at the BJ / 3 card poker tables.
  15. Caesar

    Caesar Well-Known Member

    Royal Match 21 virtual blackjack machines

    Are there any of these virtual blackjack games in Tunica? These are the machines with the comely women on the screen with rules similar to those in the "real" blackjack games.
    I'll be in Tunica this Sunday for three nights. My main focus will be poker but if these machines are there or if there are any worthwhile casino promotions, I'm in! Thanks a lot for your replies.
  16. oicurafish2

    oicurafish2 Member

    Virtual blackjack

    I saw four of these in Harrahs when I walked around the casino about two weeks ago. Just looked at them but did not play. Not sure what the rules were. I think they had a five dollar minimum bet though and they were located around a bar some what in the middle of the casino.
  17. Caesar

    Caesar Well-Known Member


    Okay. I'll look for them at the Harrah's in Tunica. Thanks man.

    Harrah's St. Louis has four, and the rules are 6D, H17, and surrender.
  18. 3aces

    3aces Active Member

    DD in Tunica

    I've got to be in Tunica for something else and may play a little BJ, so I checked CBJN. Looks like there are 4 stores with DD H17 with pen 0.6 - 0.8. Barely playable, I guess, with an aggressive spread, anon, and some goofy wonging out and short sessions. Not much else worth fooling with, from a quick glance.

    Any Tunica regulars have better ideas? Thanks.
  19. Caesar

    Caesar Well-Known Member

    Tunica poker is better than its blackjack

    I just came back from Tunica. I play mostly poker, am also a basic strategy bj player.
    The shoe games are all H17 with no surrender. Even the virtual machines in Harrah's had those same lousy rules.
    I did see a number of single and double-deck H17 games. I have no idea if they are profitable to the counter.
    More bad news, casino promotions in Tunica aren't great either.
  20. oicurafish2

    oicurafish2 Member

    I think about the best double deck game is going to be at Goldstrike. They use a slot in the discard tray to put the cut card in. Usually at about 62-65 cards dealt, ten dollar minimums during the week, maybe higher on the weekend. There are also a couple of single deck games paying 3 to 2 with twenty five dollar minimums. Might be higher on weekends. If you want to know which ones you can p.m. and I'll tell you or you could just call the casino's and ask. Last time I told where the single deck games were the post was removed.

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