Tunica games?


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oicurafish2 said:
I think about the best double deck game is going to be at Goldstrike. They use a slot in the discard tray to put the cut card in. Usually at about 62-65 cards dealt, ten dollar minimums during the week, maybe higher on the weekend. There are also a couple of single deck games paying 3 to 2 with twenty five dollar minimums. Might be higher on weekends. If you want to know which ones you can p.m. and I'll tell you or you could just call the casino's and ask. Last time I told where the single deck games were the post was removed.
Gold Strike's single deck is $25 mins and unplayable. You get 3 rounds heads up.
NchooseK said:
Has anyone been to Tunica lately or familiar with the BJ games there? I might be heading to Harrahs / Horseshoe / Roadhouse. I like shoes game like 4 or 6 decks. What are the rules/pen at those games? Is there really any heat for 1-8 or 1-10 spreads for red chippers there?

Thanks for the help!
Lord man i must say i play in tunica all the time and i always play at 5$ min tables! I am just a basic player and use a plus minus count although i have been leaning towards unbalanced counts latley! But any ways with me using just basic and plus minus at five min tables i get heat everywhere I go! Dont knw if it is me averaging over 2-300 hundred now or what but the heat in TUNICA ATLEAST FOR ME IS CRAZY! I am a short term play to a limit person which means i am hardly in a casino long at all usuall in one till 50- 100but Heat is crazy even with me makin horrible calls for my pitboss audience! If I would lay at the fitzgerald or Bally's! In my experiance at those two i had no heat! And my last trip down there, after being up for about thiry six hours and my brain just about useless at that point, I played for five hours on just fifty dollars barley getting to 150! Man was i tired but you would think that someone who played five hours on fifty would have heat but like i said Bally's and the Fitz are about as tolerant as you will get n Tunica! Hope it helps!
deltaduke said:
A minor point. I think vegas21 means automatic shuffling machines instead of continuous shuffling machines. I don't think there are any csm's in tunica.
I dont know of anywher in Tunica that plays csm's other than Sam's Town! But Sams town definitlyu uses them from time to time!
moo321 said:
Shoes are crap in Tunica. Play the double deck.
Aint that right! i played double deck last week disreguarding the limit per casino i always set for the first time! Went in with $95 playing 1'st seat at a full table and three hours later walked out with a profit of $505. Then went into The fitz about twelve hours later and sleep deprived with fifty and cold only play even at the six deck shoes! But i did play five hours! And to correct something about the fitz and the heat i just remembered threw my sleep deprived state that although i had no heat during play the Fitz president was at the exit when i left! Worst Session ever! Never again will i listen to Aslan! I am reintroducing my session limit again! I just have to play with one other wise i probably get another Fitz fiasco!
Caesar said:
I just came back from Tunica. I play mostly poker, am also a basic strategy bj player.
The shoe games are all H17 with no surrender. Even the virtual machines in Harrah's had those same lousy rules.
I did see a number of single and double-deck H17 games. I have no idea if they are profitable to the counter.
More bad news, casino promotions in Tunica aren't great either.
the two deck h17 games are good for the +/- counter i play all the time and my first multi hours session last trip was very profitable at bally's! I played i think three hours in first seat... i know lol! at a full table... i know lol again! But at the end of the session i ended up bein up $505 with just $95 to start! I dont get y everyone says tunica sucks! It has been very good to me(with the exeption of all the heat! although I am just a basic and plus minus player!