Ultimate Wendover trip report?

Discussion in 'Western USA' started by brianinwash, Jun 16, 2011.

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    "An O.K. story, but only because we (collectively) will read anything about BJ.

    He did not know how, or bother to, to play with proper cover and camouflage, so he got 86'd

    It happens constantly. He drives a 12 hr. roundtrip. He kills a great game for himself. Greed Kills.

    ~ finis ~
  3. I agree. Questo cazzo! Single deck games are not something you send rookies to because you think it is easier! It requires more skills and experience to actually get money out of such a game than a good shoe.

    Wendover is a very unique place and it should not be abused by people who supposedly know better.
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    Forsooth. zg
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    You should change the title of the thread from "Ultimate" to "Mundane." It's true that there is nothing to do in that town except gamble (and it is quite the place for some truly excellent games.) And it has always been known that a 1-4 spread will keep you under the radar at an SD game anywhere in the country. Spread any more than that and you're on your own. One night there I started spreading 1-8 to test the waters. My table was next to the PB booth, and I could clearly hear the PC say on the phone "I got a guy here going $25-$200 on BJ 6 3rd base." he was looking at me too. I don't know what other hints you need to tell you to get the Fudge out of there.
  6. I agree. The best meal in town is probably the Arby's at the truckstop. And it amuses me that as soon as you walk out the door of the first casino, you are in Utah. Low heat given the quality of the games.

    No way! 1-4 will get your ass kicked out the door in 30 minutes at most SD games in Nevada. 1-3 you need an act. At the low-roller places I get "Whale Effect" cover due to my green-black spread- meaning that I'm betting enough that I could probably get someone fired if they screwed with me and they can't prove I'm AP. But 1-4 is safe for a while in Wendover. It's a great place to use consolidation betting and card-eating schemes with a partner.
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    Don't forget about the strip club.......that can kill a couple hours. Also, I did enjoy the Air base tour I went on. A lot of history there.
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    Since the article mentioned driving:

    Driving the 400 miles from Reno is about $400 in expenses round trip.

    Driving the 367 miles from Vegas is about $367 in expenses round trip. If you add a side trip to Mesquite then $467 round trip.
  9. Jack_Black

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    Most people on here have complained about the food in that town, but I think things have changed recently. The fine dining options in each of the "food" casinos are above average selections for "casino fine dining" I know that the "high class" mexican option, "pancho and Willies Cantina" had just opened when I was there. The buffets were also quite good. I felt they were better than lower/mid class joints on the strip.
  10. Jack_Black

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    please. I went in there on a monday. They only had one stripper and her stage name was betty sue. Her teeth were discolored from heavy meth use.

    Unfortunately, I'm not joking.
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    "Of course, you should never actually drink while counting cards."
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    Really? I'll have to try that sometime.
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    What do you drive? An Army tank?
  14. Stop at Wells!

    $400 to come from Reno? Maybe if you stop at that little restaurant in Wells too!

    Bella's is pretty cool, it's a truckstop/restaurant with a counter, you sit down and the waitress gives you a menu. Then the waitress gives you another menu, and she's on it! They have a photo album and they'll wake up any girl you want, she'll cook you dinner and then take you to her room. I being a monkey only had something to eat, as any further interaction would constitute bestiality. They told me if it was black girls I was looking for, they're across the street at Donna's.

    Outside they have a sign that says "Wifi Available Here." Somebody changed the second 'i' to an 'e'.

    Wells is the intersection of I-80 and the highway that takes you up to Jackpot NV. There used to be a BJ game in Wells too, another truckstop game, 4D with a $25 max, it was just like playing a game dealt on a kitchen table.
  15. Albee

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    Jack, I went on a Saturday night and they had like 8 dancers. I'm sure bused in from Salt Lake for the weekend. The hottest thing going was more wifes/girl friends were getting down and dirty with the dancers and tipping some bucks! It was a fun evening......
  16. blackjack avenger

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    Hidden Costs

    Depreciation and other car expenses come to about $0.50 per mile. The IRS may have the number at $0.55 per mile. The number may be as high as $.075 per mile for all the cool rides we obviously have down to $.025 per mile for the old wrecks casino types drive! :)
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    Re: the article

    The particular casino where he received the tap has really been eyeing counters much more lately, almost like cops trying to meet a ticket quota at the end of the month. There are open conversations among the PCs, and it's almost getting competitive between them, especially on swing and early grave. It's odd that it occurs there more than the other two properties under the same owner, but it does.

    That said, if you're spreading red to green, or even 25-200, you'll be fine, especially short term. As stated in the article, there are many, many, MANY, regulars spreading wildly in big negative counts.

    BTW, that mustache-wearing boss he indicated in his article is one of the nicer people you'll ever meet. Don't fault the 'stache! :)
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    What casino did he receive the tap at? I couldn't tell from the article.

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