Updated Blackjack Strategy Trainer


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Nicely done. Glad you took the time to get away from Flash and support mobile, even if I'm usually on desktop.

Minor bug report: When either the player or the computer goes over 21, the brief display of the hand total is always 23, even when the total is actually something else. For example, the trainer displayed a total of 23 for the following hands in a recent session: 48K (24), A92Q (22), A4KQ (25), KQ2 (22), JJ2 (22), 448K (26), 834K (25), 2JQ (22). While that doesn't really impact playability -- and the hand outcomes are still accurate -- it'd be nice to not display an inaccurate hand total. Observed on MacOS Sierra 10.12.6 on Chrome, Firefox, & Safari (couldn't get past the loader on Opera), and Android Nougat 7.1.1 Chrome.

Thanks for the continuing support of the trainer, and for finally bringing the Forum back to life!
Tum said:
I've just updated the blackjack strategy trainer to html5 so that it's mobile friendly.

Have a look at:

If anyone spots a bug let me know! :)
Do you experience any slow down in play with the version 2 strategy trainer? The version 2 BJ trainer starts out dealing fast the way I prefer it but after 3 completed double decks have been played it slows down big time. With each new game it seems like the game gets slower than the previous game for some reason and I'm playing on my computer at home, I get the same slowdown playing on my phone. Granted it's still playable but for example once you hit 300 hands played it's moving at a snails pace. The version 1 trainer never had a slow down issue but I cannot find Adobe Flash to download anywhere.

Is the version 2 BJ strategy trainer optimized for Hi-Lo with basic strategy in mind because I was dealt a hand yesterday where I had 7,7 vs a dealer 8, I tried to hit the hand and the trainer recommended that I split in a Double deck H-17 game, DAS, no surrender? I'm not using Hi-Lo count.