Using bitcoin while traveling seems like a good solution. Anyone doing it already?


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Hopefully you've already heard of bitcoin. While the price is ridiculously high right now, you can transact in smaller amounts.

I see a lot of benefits in transporting moderate to large forms of cash digitally.

Here's the most basic video from YouTube.
Although common advice seems to say not to put money in that you can't lose...


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Can be a good way to get around currency exchange fees too, if you are using something like localbitcoins, and you just make an ad, you can actually make a profit when you are converting to a different currency, instead of paying a %. And likewise when you want to convert back.


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There is some risk of fraud when you are selling bitcoins, afaik I know buying bitcoins is relatively risk free because the site escrows them and they must have the bitcoins on the site already. What I did was limit my sales to people who had traded more than 25+ bitcoins on the site. If you stay away from noobs for the most part I think you would be okay, but I'm not really an expert or anything so you might want to research the topic some more, especially if you are doing large transactions. You can mitigate your risk further by breaking up the trades into several small chunks, with different established users, putting a hard cap on how much you will sell to any individual.
Most countries actually don't recognize Bitcoin as a currency. Only Japan and a couple others do. Its also not so easy to trace Botion though. Let's just take the most recent example of Game of Thrones getting hacked and the hackers getting paid in Bitcoin. With that being said, most people are dealing in Monero If they're trying to hide something because it's untraceable.
I actually own a quarter of a Bitcoin. I got in at 4k. I know it went all the way to 6.2 but I wonder what it's at now. Oh and also, most of the games in Vegas suck lol


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Jm94 said:
I'm sorry for posting here but is it worth investing in bitcoin in 2020? I want to know if it's relevant nowadays
My believe is that Bitcoin is revolutionary technology and a better money than we have Now.

It's a polarizing topic so people either love it or hate it.

My advice would be to ONLY go with Bitcoin (BTC) all the other cryptos are extremely risky.

I once had 70 different cryptocurrencies and lost money on all but Bitcoin.

If you want further info or a link to my ebook, send me a private message


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I'm not here to sell you on it... In fact. You probably shouldn't get into it.

The other questions can be googled or YouTubed.